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Долговая яма

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That's my boy.
Tar bucket comin' down.
-Morning, James.
-Just a minute.
Any idea when you're going
to be finished here?
-Two weeks.
-That's what I thought.
Here you go.
Oh. You know you're almost out
of birth control pills?
Thank you, James.
The water! I know.
I'm getting it.
Hey, Walter!
You want this room painted blue,
like in the hallway?
No, I do not. That's all wood...
What do you mean, "like the hallway"?
The hallway.
Blue, right?
I want nothing blue.
Oh, man. Now I gotta go flush out
my paint sprayer.
Oh, that's a bummer.
-## [Radio: Opera]
-Have you seen Mr Fielding?
Don't know any Fieldings
around here. In Cincinnati...
Oh, Walter!
Yeah, Walter.
He was supposed to bring me
a bucket of water.
-Bring you some water?
-Yeah. Do... No...
-Ohh! Ohh!
-How's that?
It's a miracle.
[Continues Laughing]
## [Ranchero]
-I wanna ask you something.
You're a lawyer, right?
Last year my father
was hit in the head by a golf ball.
-## [Radio: Pop]
-Oh, can I unplug...
Now, he seemed okay...
but last week
we were watching TV...
and I put on the Bob Hope
Desert Classic from Palm Springs.
He goes friggin' nuts!
My father, not Bob Hope.
So he kicks in
the friggin' TV screen. Now...
## [Pop Continues]
I'd have to study it, but I'd say you got
a great case against Bob Hope.
Thanks, man.
[Saw Buzzing]
## [Opera Continues]
## [Bluegrass]
## [Continues]
## [Opera]
## [Opera Continues]
[Shouting, Screaming]
## [Opera Continues]
## [Opera: Finale]
-That was not so bad.
-[Musicians Laughing]
-[Man] Are you happy with that one?
-I am not unhappy with it.
It's the best that miserable symphony
has ever sounded.
You have my congratulations,
and you may go home.
-[Murmuring, Chattering]
-But don't you want to hear it back?
No, if there's something wrong
with it it's your fault...
and you will hang for it.
Do you have
a cigarette?
I'm sorry.
It was beautiful,
Better than Szell's version?
Mmm, I wondered why you did this.
I know you never liked it.
-It was better.
-Thank you.
It's a pity
that son of a bitch isn't alive...
because it would kill him
to hear that.
Have you got
a cigarette?
You stopped smoking
five years ago.
I started again
two weeks ago.
Can I have
the damn cigarette?
You seem a little tense.
Your shoulders are up
over your ears.
-Are you all right?
-Don't I look all right?
In a word, no.
The only good part of our divorce
was that it seemed to make you happy.
For you to be without me
and unhappy...
is such a waste.
You are making me sad.
in Philadelphia...
and the idea of going back
to that house, alone...
Oh, God.
Why don't we have dinner
and a huge amount of alcohol?
I'm not dressed
for a restaurant.
My place.
Our old place.
-You can have a hot bath.
We'll have a fire. Hwang will make
anything you want for dinner.
-Duck I'orange.
Twelve-year-old scotch.
In clean glasses.
That can be arranged.
I'm not going to bed
with you.
I may not ask you.
Oh, my God.
Good morning.
-Oh, my God.
-What's wrong?
What happened?
What did we do?
-What have we done? Oh, my God!
-Calm down.
-You were a little looped.
You sang a few songs.
-The Beatles?
-The entire catalogue.
-What else?
-You don't remember?
-It was duck for dinner. Right?
-Followed by crepe Suzettes.
-I don't remember the crepe Suzettes.
-You don't remember the piano?
-Under the piano?
-I don't wanna hear any more.
-It was incredible. Better than Zurich.
-The police came.
You don't remember any of this?
-Oh, no.
My shoe!
-Not my shoe!
-Last night you were
the animal I remember.
Долговая яма Долговая яма

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