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from his own past...
then we can cut him from his family,
his children, other men.
There is no loyalty,
except loyalty to the Party.
There is no love, except love of Big Brother.
All competing pleasures, we will destroy.
lf you want a vision of the future, imagine...
a boot stamping on a human face forever.
You are thinking
that my face is old and tired...
that while l talk of power...
l'm unable to prevent
the decay of my own body.
But the individual is only a cell.
And the weariness of the cell
is the vigor of the organism.
-You'll fail.
lt's impossible.
Hatred, the fear of life.
Why is hate less vital than love?
l don't know.
But somehow you'll fail.
Something will defeat you.
Life will defeat you.
We control life at all levels.
We create human nature.
Men are infinitely malleable.
Or perhaps you've returned to your old idea
that the proletarians will arise.
Put it out of your mind.
They are helpless animals.
Humanity is the body.
l don't care. ln the end, they'll beat you.
Sooner or later, they'll tear you to pieces.
On what evidence?
Goldstein's book.
l wrote it.
Or, at least, l collaborated in writing it.
No book is individually produced,
as you know.
l just believe it.
l know you'll fail.
Something in this world...
some spirit you will never overcome....
What is it, this principle?
l don't know.
The spirit of man.
And do you consider yourself a man?
lf you are a man, you're the last man.
Your kind is extinct.
We are the inheritors.
Do you understand that you are alone?
You are outside history.
You unexist.
Get up.
Come here.
Look at you.
You're rotting away.
That is the last man.
lf you are human, that is humanity.
lt will not last forever.
You can escape from it
whenever you choose.
Everything depends on you.
You did it.
You reduced me to this.
No, Winston.
You reduced yourself to it.
When will you shoot me?
Might take a long time.
But don't give up hope.
Everyone is cured sooner or later.
And in the end...
we shall shoot you.
The law of gravity is nonsense.
No such law exists.
lf l think l float...
and you think l float...
then it happens.
l love you.
You have the strength, Winston.
You have the whole Party.
You are the Party.
You're one of us, one of the chosen.
l love you.
l love you, too.
Julia, my love.
Get up.
Stand up straighter.
Look me in the face.
Tell me, Winston, and remember, no lies.
What are your true feelings
towards Big Brother?
-l hate him.
-You must love him.
lt's not enough to obey him.
You must love him.
Room 101 .
You asked me once, Winston,
what was in Room 101 .
l told you that you knew, already.
Everyone knows.
The thing that is in Room 101 ...
is the worst thing in the world.
lt goes beyond fear of pain or death.
lt is unendurable,
and it varies from individual to individual.
lt may be burial alive or castration...
or many other things.
ln your case, it is rats.
Please. What do you want me to do?
You will do what is required of you.
What? What is it?
How can l do it if l don't know what it is?
ln the proletarian areas,
they will attack a baby...
and within five minutes, strip it to the bone.
They also attack the sick and dying.
They show astonishing intelligence
in knowing when a human being is helpless.
The mask fits over your head,
leaving no exit.
I press the first lever...
and the rats move into
the front compartment.
l press the second,
and the door of the cage will slide up.
These starving brutes
will shoot at you like bullets.
Have you ever seen a rat
leap through the air?
They will leap onto your face
and bore straight into it.
Sometimes they attack the eyes first.
Sometimes they burrow through the cheeks
and devour the tongue.
Tell me. What do you want?
No, please.
l love you.
Do it to her! Do it to Julia!
l don't care what you do to her,
but do it to her!
Tear her my face off!
Do it to Julia, not to me!
Do it to
1984 1984

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