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Everything fades into mist.
''The past is erased, the erasure forgotten.
''A lie becomes truth
and then becomes a lie again. ''
What is it?
l dreamt...
about my mother.
What, darling?
It was during the wars...
before the Party.
I couldn't help myself.
I knew what I had done...
and I couldn't help myself.
When I went back, hours later...
my mother and sister were gone.
I never saw them again.
So it's not just staying alive.
lt's staying human that's important.
What counts...
is that we don't betray each other.
lf you mean confessing,
we're bound to do that.
Everybody does.
You can't help it.
l don't mean confessing.
Confessing isn't betrayal.
l mean feelings.
lf they can make me change my feelings...
they can stop me from loving you.
That will be real betrayal.
They can't do that.
lt's the one thing they can't do.
They can torture you...
and make you say anything.
But they can't make you believe it.
They can't get inside you.
They can't get to your heart.
l'm going to see O'Brien.
l know.
Outer Party Member 53922...
Hicks, Minirec, Proletarian Affairs Section.
Outer Party Member 22315...
Howard, Miniprod, Hospital Section.
Outer Party Member 9477 43...
Bolgar, Minitrue, Records Section.
Outer Party Member 5739,
Brady, Minitrue, Records Section.
Outer Party Member 984213...
Devereux, Minitrue, Records Section.
Outer Party member 9106...
Dawes, Minitrue, Porno Section.
Outer Party Member 38091...
Ware, Minitrue, Porno Section.
Outer Party Member 1 1792...
Bigland, Minitrue, News Section.
''ltems one, comma, five, comma, seven,
approved fullwise. Stop.
''Suggestion contained item six doubleplus
ridiculous verging crimethink...
''Cancel, stop. End message.''
Outer Party Member 4392...
Rosenblum, Miniprod,
Light Industry Section.
Outer Party Member 66755...
Davis, Miniprod, Women's Section.
That concludes the list
of known agents of Goldstein...
actively engaged in the latest conspiracy....
Not much of this gets
to the Outer Party, l'm afraid.
To our leader.
...that our eternal allies in Eurasia
are turning against us.
More nests of conspirators
and saboteurs have been uncovered...
and further arrests are expected shortly.
You can....
Yes. We are allowed that privilege.
Some more of this?
lt's called wine.
There are thoughtcriminals
who maintain the Resistance is not real.
Believe me, Winston...
it is very real.
Perhaps you are not familiar
with how it operates.
l'm attentive to the news.
Perhaps you imagine
a huge network of conspirators...
prepared to commit
any atrocity to demoralize...
and weaken the order of our society.
The reality is infinitely more subtle.
lf Goldstein himself...
fell into the hands of the Thought Police,
he could not give them a list of his agents.
Such a list does not exist.
They're not an organization
in the sense we know.
Nothing holds it together but an idea.
There is no possibility of change
in their lifetime.
ln the face of the Thought Police...
they cannot act collectively.
lndividually, they cheat...
forge, blackmail, corrupt children...
spread disease and prostitution...
in the name of spreading knowledge
from generation to generation.
in a thousand years....
You may find this of interest.
Thank you.
...address a rally in Victory Square
at 21.:30 hours.
That is the end of the announcement.
Goodbye, brother.
They have attacked an unarmed village
with rocket bombs...
and murdered 4,000 defenseless, innocent...
and peaceful citizens of Oceania.
This is no longer war.
This is cold-blooded murder.
Until now, the war has been conducted
with honor...
and bravery...
with the ideals of truth and justice,
in the best traditions of mankind...
until this moment.
Brothers and sisters...
the endless catalogue of bestial atrocities...
which will inevitably ensue
from this appalling act...
must, can, and will be terminated.
The forces of darkness
1984 1984

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