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the Ministry of Peace...
to mislead our allies in Eastasia...
and also to corrupt youth by means
of seditious literature and drugs.
I am guilty on all counts.
I stand here...
a victim of the influence of...
"Under the spreading chestnut tree...
"I sold you...
"you sold me."
And I ask only...
for you to accept...
my love of our leader.
Can I help you?
Anything special?
I was here before.
Razor blades.
You sold me the notebook.
Please look around.
What's this?
It's a beautiful thing.
Over 100 years old.
Cost you $4.
There's another room upstairs
that you might like to see.
But there's not much in it.
Just a few things.
My woman's dead.
I'm just trying to sell the furniture.
It's a beautiful bed...
if you can get the bugs out of it.
Interested in old prints at all?
The frame's fixed to the wall,
but I daresay I could unscrew it.
How did this escape?
I know what it is.
It's the museum in the street
outside the Palace of Justice.
"Oranges and lemons,"
say the bells of St. Clement's.
What was that?
Something old.
War is peace!
Freedom is slavery!
Ignorance is strength!
A triumph of willpower over the orgasm.
At a rally of the Anti-Sex League
in Victory Square tonight...
held to celebrate a 50-percent decrease
in civil marriages...
over 10,000 Party women
took a vow of celibacy...
and pledged themselves as vessels
for the artificial insemination...
"I hate her.
"I should kill her before she denounces me.
"I have disliked her
from the first moment of seeing her. "
Sector 43...
929 male...
753 female.
Sector 44...
437 male...
609 female.
Sector 45...
222 male...
220 female.
Sector 46...
- Are you hurt?
- It's nothing.
It's my arm.
I'll be all right in a second.
Brother, could you"... "
Are you all right?
It's nothing.
I only gave my wrist a bit of a bang.
Thank you, brother.
Who is she?
All I know is that she works
in the corner section...
probably on the proletarian
novel-writing machines.
Mrs. Parsons? A spanner?
Under the sink, beside you.
Thank you, brother.
I wouldn't have had to bother you,
but my husband's out late.
You know what us Parsons are like.
You're a thoughtcriminal.
They haven't been out much.
Thank you, brother.
Attention! Your attention, please!
A newsflash has this moment arrived
from the Malabar Front.
The forces of Oceania in South India
have won a glorious victory.
I am authorized to say
that the war against Eurasia...
is within measurable distance of its end.
40,000 Eurasian soldiers
have been killed or captured.
Can you hear me?
Do you have an ex-London permit?
Can you get Sunday afternoon off?
Take this.
It's quite precise. I rely on you to destroy it.
Are you sure you can come?
On your own, brother?
No, I'm joining the Vic Mans
community hiking group.
I was held up on urgent Minrec business.
Sing to the bravest on the sturdy fortress
Sing to the soldiers on the battlefields
Sing to the airmen in the burning azure
Sing to the farmers' rising yields
We are the children, builders of the future
And we the children swear to thee
Loyal devotion, fearless devotion
And to die with dignity
Sing to the faithful...
A daring and resourceful maneuver...
under the personal direction
of B.B. himself...
ensuring the total annihilation of
the Eurasian heavy-armored divisions...
It's a dream.
I want you.
Not here.
Come back to the woods, it's safer.
Have you done this before?
Of course.
Hundreds of times.
- With Party members?
- Yes.
Inner Party members?
Not with those bastards.
Though there's plenty who would.
Look, I hate purity.
I hate goodness.
I don't want virtue to exist anywhere.
I want everyone corrupt.
I ought to suit you, then.
I'm corrupt to the core.
Do you like doing this?
I don't mean just me.
I adore it.
We shall meet in the place
where there is no darkness.
Adult literacy amongst the proletariat
has risen
1984 1984

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