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South India
have won a glorious victory.
I am authorized to say
that the war against Eurasia...
is within measurable distance of its end.
40,000 Eurasian soldiers
have been killed or captured.
Can you hear me?
Do you have an ex-London permit?
Can you get Sunday afternoon off?
Take this.
lt's quite precise. l rely on you to destroy it.
Are you sure you can come?
On your own, brother?
No, l'm joining the Vic Mans
community hiking group.
l was held up on urgent Minrec business.
Sing to the bravest on the sturdy fortress
Sing to the soldiers on the battlefields
Sing to the airmen in the burning azure
Sing to the farmers' rising yields
We are the children, builders of the future
And we the children swear to thee
Loyal devotion, fearless devotion
And to die with dignity
Sing to the faithful....
A daring and resourceful maneuver...
under the personal direction
of B.B. himself...
ensuring the total annihilation of
the Eurasian heavy-armored divisions....
lt's a dream.
l want you.
Not here.
Come back to the woods, it's safer.
Have you done this before?
Of course.
Hundreds of times.
-With Party members?
lnner Party members?
Not with those bastards.
Though there's plenty who would.
Look, l hate purity.
l hate goodness.
l don't want virtue to exist anywhere.
l want everyone corrupt.
l ought to suit you, then.
l'm corrupt to the core.
Do you like doing this?
l don't mean just me.
l adore it.
We shall meet in the place
where there is no darkness.
Adult literacy amongst the proletariat
has risen by 56 percent.
The proletarian infant mortality rate
has dropped by 12 percent.
Incidences of leukemia, tuberculosis,
and meningitis have dropped considerably.
Improved diet has been responsible
for a dramatic decrease in rickets.
Eye diseases show a steep drop.
So, too, do deaths
from pneumonia and smallpox.
The improvement in
sewerage and drainage systems...
has resulted in better health, overall.
State rodent operatives
report a 50-percent reduction...
in the number of vermin
in the central proletarian zones.
l just want to finish by saying a few words...
about the impact
of this imminent neurological breakthrough.
When the orgasm
has been finally eradicated...
the last remaining obstacle
to the psychological acceptance...
of the principles of lngsoc,
as applied to artsem, will be overcome.
ln other words, the unorthodox tendencies
towards ownlife...
which constantly threaten
the natural erosion of the family unit...
will no longer have
the biological support of the organism.
As we all know, the biological and
social stimulation of the family leads to...
private reflection, outside Party needs...
and to the establishment
of unorthodox loyalties...
which can only lead to thoughtcrime.
The introduction of artsem, combined
with the neutralization of the orgasm...
will effectively render obsolete the family...
until it becomes impossible
to conceptualize.
Thank you.
Excuse me, brother.
You dropped your ink pencil.
Thank you, sister.
A pincer movement has developed...
involving the floating fortresses
of the Eurasian 17th Fleet...
Not much.
Not much left at all, these days.
Police don't like us much.
That room...
how much?
$4 a week.
Traitor! Criminal!
Big, Big, Big....
A vast military buildup
of armored divisions...
missiles and floating fortresses,
accompanied by a fourfold increase...
in the number of
radio-controlled rocket bombs...
directed at the most
densely populated areas of Airstrip One....
It is folly...
as though deliberately,
we move one step nearer the grave.
I can't understand why
she accepted the idea...
she, who is so careful.
Let me show you what l've brought.
What is it?
Real sugar.
Not saccharin.
And l've got a loaf of bread,
proper white bread...
and jam.
A real tin of milk.
Real coffee.
lnner Party. Half a
1984 1984


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