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before it's too late.
They won't shoot me, will they, Smith?
I could be very useful
in a labour camp.
Room 101!
Please, you don't have to take me there.
Why? There's nothing I won't confess.
I've told you everything already.
What is it you want me to know?
Take him instead of me.
He's the thought criminal.
It's him you want.
- They got you too?
- They got me a long time ago.
You knew this would happen, Winston.
Don't deceive yourself.
You've always known it.
The photos of you and the girl
will be recycled for proletarian use.
Do you know where you are, Winston?
I... I don't know.
I can guess.
In the Ministry of Love.
Do you know how long you've been here?
Weeks? Months?
Do you know why you're here?
Shall I tell you why we brought you here?
To cure you.
To make you sane.
(rack turns)
No! No! No!
That was 40. You can see that
the numbers on this dial run up to 100.
Will you please remember
that I have it in my power
to inflict pain on you at any time,
and in whatever degree I choose?
You know perfectly well
what is the matter with you, Winston.
You've known it for years
though you fought against the knowledge.
You are mentally deranged.
You suffer from a defective memory.
You never tried to cure yourself
because you did not choose to.
It was a small effort of will
which you were not ready to make.
For example,
which power is Oceania at war with?
Oceania is at war with Eastasia.
And Oceania has always been at war
with Eastasia, has it not?
Tell me what you think you remember.
I remember...
that until only a week
before I was arrested,
we weren't at war with Eastasia at all.
It was Eurasia.
- The last four years, I think.
- Another example. A serious delusion.
Photographs about which
you've had hallucinations,
which you believed
you held in your hand.
They never existed.
Say what you're about to say, Winston.
They exist.
In memory. I remember.
You remember.
I do not remember.
Only the disciplined mind
can see reality, Winston.
It needs an act of self-destruction,
an effort of the will.
Do you remember writing in your diary
"Freedom is the freedom to say
two plus two equals four"?
- How many fingers am I holding up?
- Four.
And if the Party says there are not four
but five, then how many?
(rack turns)
That's no use. You're lying.
How many fingers, please?
Four? What else can I say?
Five, four, anything you like,
only please stop it.
Stop the pain.
How can I help it?
How can I help
what I see in front of my eyes?
Two and two makes four.
Sometimes, Winston,
sometimes they're five.
Sometimes they're three.
Sometimes they are all of them at once.
Neither the past nor the present nor
the future exists in its own right, Winston.
Reality is in the human mind,
not in the individual mind,
which makes mistakes
and soon perishes,
but in the mind of the Party,
which is collective and immortal.
- Again.
- No.
How many fingers, Winston?
Four... Four?
I suppose there are four,
but I'm trying to see five.
- I wish I could.
- Which do you wish?
To persuade me that you can see five
or really to see them?
Really to see them.
- Again.
- (rack turns)
How many, Winston?
I don't know...
I don't know.
(rack turns)
(O'Brien) No one escapes, Winston.
There are no martyrs here.
All the confessions made here are true.
We do not destroy the heretic
because he resists us.
As long as he resists us,
we never destroy him.
We make him one of ourselves
before we kill him.
We make his brain perfect
before we blow it out.
And then, when there is nothing left
but sorrow and love of Big Brother,
we shall lift you clean out of history,
we shall turn you into gas
and pour you into the stratosphere.
Nothing will remain
1984 1984

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