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Traitor! Criminal!
No! Criminal! No! No!
(d "Oceania, 'Tis for Thee")
(crowd chant "BB. ")
(announcer) A vast military build-up
of armoured divisions and missiles
accompanied by a fourfold increase
in the number of rocket bombs,
directed at the most densely populated
areas of Airstrip One...
(Winston) lt's folly, as though deliberately
we move one step nearer the grave.
I can't understand
why she accepted the idea,
she who is so careful.
Let me show you what I've brought.
What is it?
Real sugar.
Not saccharine.
And I've got a loaf of bread,
proper white bread.
And jam.
A real tin of milk.
Real coffee.
Inner Party. Half a kilo.
How did you manage
to get hold of all this?
There's nothing
those bastards don't have.
- Aren't you pleased?
- Yes. Yes, of course.
Real tea.
There's been a lot of tea about lately.
They've captured India, or something.
- I want you.
- I want you, too.
Turn around and don't look until I tell you.
(woman sings)
Listen to that.
How can she make a song
written by machines sound so beautiful?
You can turn round now.
- I...
- Winston...
Do you like me?
More than ever.
(distant explosion)
Was there ever a time
when this seemed ordinary?
Attention! Your attention, please.
A vast military build-up
has been reported in the Sahara desert,
sectors 17 and 18 of the war zone.
14 heavy tank divisions...
(Winston) There's truth
and there is untruth.
Freedom is the freedom to say
two plus two equals four.
If that is granted, all else follows.
(unintelligible Newspeak)
Re Times 31 110181...
Brother Tillotson wins mini chess.
Request photo. Biog follows.
(announcer) Attention!
Your attention, please.
Will all Outer Party members
of Ways And Means committees
please attend their local community
centres for discussions...
(Winston) Under the spreading
chestnut tree, I sold you, you sold me.
I have been reading
your Newspeak articles in The Times.
- Yes.
- You write very elegantly.
That is not my own opinion. I was talking
to a friend of yours who is an expert.
His name has slipped my memory
for a moment.
What I wanted to say was that there were
one or two unwords. Only very recent.
Have you seen the tenth edition
of the Newspeak dictionary?
No, we are still using
the ninth edition at Minrec.
A few advance copies have been
circulated. I have one myself.
- You might be interested.
- Yes.
There are plus-skilful new developments.
Let me give you my address.
I'm usually at home in the evenings.
If not, my servant
will give you the dictionary.
14,000 Victory Vampires,
6,700 Ingsoc cadets,
4,600 Ingsoc sea cadets,
12,300 Porteous piloted missiles,
31,000 Victory fighter bombers,
23,000 Big Brother heavy bombers.
(Winston) lt has happened at last.
The call has come.
It seems that all my life
I have been waiting for it.
(announcer)... named after Sublieutenant
Ogilvy, hero of the state of Oceania,
recently awarded posthumously
the Order of Conspicuous Gallantry
for his actions in the recent glorious
victory over the forces of Eastasia
on the Malabar front in south India.
Half the water's boiled away.
What does the clock say?
It says 21.00 hours.
What time do they cut the light
in your flats?
- 23.30.
- At the hostel it's 23.00.
- What is it?
- I don't know.
A little chunk of history
that they've forgotten to alter.
A message from a hundred years ago.
Oranges and lemons
say the bells of St Clement's.
You owe me three farthings
say the bells of St Martin's.
Who taught you that? What is it?
I don't know. I just know it.
You know, the only thing to do
is to
1984 1984

- Eorin shinbu

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