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that our traditional allies in Eastasia...
were in fact, our deadly enemies.
''April the 4th, 1984. ''
In my position as Chief Factory Planner...
''I think... ''
I stole military plans...
and, at vast financial profit,
sold them to the Eurasian leadership.
''...to the past...
''or to the future...
''to an age when thought is free.
''From the age of Big Brother...
''from the age of the Thought Police...
''from a dead man...
30-to-40 group, take your places, please.
Right, let's see which one of us
can touch his toes.
Right over from the hips,
brothers and sisters, please.
One, two.
Smith? 6079, Smith, W. ?
Yes, you.
Bend lower.
You're not trying. Watch me.
There, brother. That's what I want.
Anyone under 45 is perfectly
capable of touching his toes.
I'm 39, and I've had four children.
We don't all have the privilege
of fighting in the front line.
Remember our boys on the Malabar Front.
Just think what they have to put up with.
Production of water-heaters
is up 1.5 percent.
Switchgear, 4.5 percent.
Electrical wiring, 10 percent.
Cigarettes, 18 percent.
Bricks, 3 percent.
Morning, Smith.
Heard the rumor?
No. Good news, is it?
l should say so, yes.
Choco rations going up.
Twenty-five grams next week.
Doubleplus good.
Speakwrites, 14 percent.
Vibra-aging castings, 9 percent.
By the way, Smith, l seem to have run out
of razor blades for some reason.
You wouldn't happen to have any spare,
would you?
l'm sorry, brother. l'm on the last one.
Bandages, 9 percent.
In 1983, Oceania's coal output...
reached 630 million tons.
In 1976, coal output was 605 million tons...
an increase of 4. 1 percent.
5.3 million tractors were produced...
an increase of 17.6 percent.
6. 1 million trucks...
l wanted to ask you if you've got
any razor blades?
l've tried all over the place.
l've been using the same one for six weeks.
...a staggering increase of 93.4 percent.
Did you see the prisoners
hanged yesterday?
No, l was working.
But l shall see it on the screens.
You'll pick up the gin on the way?
l'll have two.
2.9 million Airstrip One
Mark 5 submachine guns...
3. 1 million Grenville gas-operated
light machine guns...
Give me a gin.
2.2 million .5 Victory
recoil-operated heavy machine guns...
6 million rifle grenades...
9 million Perry pineapple pin grenades...
and 1.4 million lightweight...
anti-tank rocket projectors.
Food production is also up...
-How's the Newspeak Committee?
-Working overtime.
...butter, 2 percent, milk, 6 percent.
Plusbig waste is in adjectives.
Plusbig problem is timing the language
to scientific advance.
lt's a beautiful thing,
the destruction of words.
You won't have seen the Dictionary,
10th edition yet, Smith?
lt's that thick.
The 1 1th edition will be that thick.
So the Revolution will be complete
when the language is perfect.
The secret's to move from translation,
to direct thought, to automatic response.
No need for self-discipline.
Language coming from here, not from here.
Excuse me for intruding.
You're saying that we'll be rid of
the last vestiges of Goldsteinism...
when the language has been cleaned.
-l couldn't agree with you more, brother.
Praise be to our leader
and the Party workers!
Other munitions production figures
are as follows.
70,000 M-20 tank destroyers...
with 76-mm cannon.
Smith. Syme.
lt's encouraging to think that by 2050...
not a single person will be able
to have a conversation like this.
Except the proles?
The proletariat don't count. They're animals.
See the hanging?
Missed it, myself.
Bloody committees.
35,000 Black Eagle 500 cc motorbicycles.
Doubleplus good, this.
You know, l don't think
there's a single piece of meat in this stew.
Looks like meat. Tastes like meat.
lt isn't meat at all.
Doubleplus good.
Not like it, Smith?
Yes, it's too rich for me.
Do you mind if l....
Brothers and sisters,
the battle
1984 1984

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