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do deaths
from pneumonia and smallpox.
The improvement in
sewerage and drainage systems...
has resulted in better health, overall.
State rodent operatives
report a 50-percent reduction...
in the number of vermin
in the central proletarian zones.
l just want to finish by saying a few words...
about the impact
of this imminent neurological breakthrough.
When the orgasm
has been finally eradicated...
the last remaining obstacle
to the psychological acceptance...
of the principles of lngsoc,
as applied to artsem, will be overcome.
ln other words, the unorthodox tendencies
towards ownlife...
which constantly threaten
the natural erosion of the family unit...
will no longer have
the biological support of the organism.
As we all know, the biological and
social stimulation of the family leads to...
private reflection, outside Party needs...
and to the establishment
of unorthodox loyalties...
which can only lead to thoughtcrime.
The introduction of artsem, combined
with the neutralization of the orgasm...
will effectively render obsolete the family...
until it becomes impossible
to conceptualize.
Thank you.
Excuse me, brother.
You dropped your ink pencil.
Thank you, sister.
A pincer movement has developed...
involving the floating fortresses
of the Eurasian 17th Fleet...
Not much.
Not much left at all, these days.
Police don't like us much.
That room...
how much?
$4 a week.
Traitor! Criminal!
Big, Big, Big....
A vast military buildup
of armored divisions...
missiles and floating fortresses,
accompanied by a fourfold increase...
in the number of
radio-controlled rocket bombs...
directed at the most
densely populated areas of Airstrip One....
It is folly...
as though deliberately,
we move one step nearer the grave.
I can't understand why
she accepted the idea...
she, who is so careful.
Let me show you what l've brought.
What is it?
Real sugar.
Not saccharin.
And l've got a loaf of bread,
proper white bread...
and jam.
A real tin of milk.
Real coffee.
lnner Party. Half a kilo.
How did you manage
to get ahold of all this?
There's nothing those bastards don't have.
Aren't you pleased?
Of course.
Real tea.
There's been a lot of tea about lately.
They've captured lndia or something.
l want you.
l want you, too.
Turn around, and don't look until l tell you.
Listen to that.
How can she make a song
written by a machine sound so beautiful?
You can turn around now.
Do you like me?
More than ever.
Was there ever a time
when this seemed ordinary?
Attention! Your attention, please!
A vast military buildup
has been reported in the Sahara Desert...
sectors 17 and 18 of the war zone.
14 heavy-tank divisions....
''There is truth, and there is untruth. ''
...have been sighted proceeding in convoy
in a northerly direction....
''is the freedom to say
two plus two equals four.
''If that is granted...
''all else follows. ''
That is the end of the announcement.
We'll rehab the war from a neutral zone,
remaking dust in interstate plusplan levels.
lntend ego 1980 level
in dust output by 48 percent.
Stop, end emission.
Re: Times, 31-10-81 .
Brother Tillotson wins Mini chess.
Request photo. File follows.
Attention. Your attention, please.
Will all Outer Party members
of Ways and Means Committees...
please attend their local
community centers for discussions and....
''Under the spreading chestnut tree...
''I sold you, you sold me. ''
The meetings begin at 20.:00 hours.
l've been reading
your Newspeak articles in The Times.
You write very elegantly.
That is not my own opinion.
l was recently talking to a friend of yours,
who is an expert.
His name has slipped my memory
for a moment.
What l wanted to say was, that there were
one or two unwords, only very recent.
Have you seen the 10th edition
of the Newspeak Dictionary?
No, we
1984 1984

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