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Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница

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intentions to the rest of the ship.
Brave crew ofthe starship Enterprise,
consider the questions ofexistence.
Questions that man has asked since
he first gazed at the stars and dreamed.
My Vulcan ancestors
were ruled by their emotions.
They felt with their hearts.
They made love with their hearts.
They believed with their hearts.
And they believed in a place where
these questions would be answered.
Modern dogma tells us
this place is a myth.
A fantasy concocted by pagans.
Itis no fantasy.
I tell you...it exists.
My brothers, we have been chosen
to undertake
the greatest adventure of all time.
The discovery of Sha Ka Ree.
Is it possible he's found Sha Ka Ree,
the reason he left Vulcan?
Our destination
is the planet Sha Ka Ree.
It lies beyond the Great Barrier...
..at the centre ofthe galaxy.
- The centre of the galaxy?.
- Where it is fabled to exist.
The centre of the galaxy
can't be reached by any ship.
Sybok possessed the keenest intellect
I've ever known.
When I get the ship back,
and Sybok is in here,
you can debate Sha Ka Ree
until you're green in the face.
You're either with me or you're not.
- I am here, Captain.
- That's a little vague, Spock.
What's that noise?
It's a primitive form of communication
known as Morse Code.
You're right. I'm out of practice.
That's an S.
- T...
- A...
N... D... End of word.
- Stand.
- New word.
B... A...
C... K...
- Back.
- Stand back!
What are you standing around for?.
This is a jailbreak.
These three are strong.
This will be quite a challenge.
We've got to find them.
- (SCOTTY): We can't trust anyone.
- (KIRK): Send a distress signal.
(KIRK): There is an emergency
send apparatus in the observation room.
(SCOTTY): You might be able
to reach it by means of Turbo-shaft 3.
- It's a long and dangerous climb.
- (McCOY): Some of us get off on that.
Get the transporter working
and contact a rescue ship.
- Which way to the Turbo-shaft?
- Down that tunnel and turn right.
- You can't miss it.
- Mr Scott, you're amazing.
I know this ship
like the back of my hand.
- We'll get a good workout.
- Yeah, or a heart attack.
Get Mr Scott to sick bay.
This is going to take me forever.
Where's Spock?.
I believe I've found a faster way.
- Bones?
- I'll wait for the next car.
We're not splitting up.
- We're too heavy.
- It must be the marsh melons.
- Spock, the booster rockets.
- I can't control their power.
Fire the rockets.
Captain, please come back down.
Hit the brakes.
- I overshot the mark by one level.
- Nobody's perfect.
Emergency channel open.
To anyone within range,
this is Captain James T Kirk.
If you read me, acknowledge.
This is Starfleet Command,
we readyou. Over.
A hostile force
has taken control of our vessel.
Our co-ordinates are 000.2.
Request emergency assistance.
Understood, Enterprise. We are
dispatching a rescue ship immediately.
Plot course 000.2.
But Captain, that course
will take us into the Barrier as well.
Where Kirk goes, we follow.
- I trust your message was received.
- You can't expect us to stand by.
What you fear is the unknown.
The people of your planet
once believed their world was flat.
Columbus proved it was round.
They said the sound barrier
could never be broken. It was broken.
They said warp speed
could not be achieved.
The Great Barrier is the ultimate
expression of this universal fear.
It is an extension of personal fear.
Captain Kirk, I so much
want your understanding.
I want your respect.
Are you afraid to hear me out?
- I'm afraid of nothing.
- Wait outside.
I'm sure you have many questions.
Here, amidst the stars
of our own galaxy,
we shall seek the answers together.
Easy, Scotty.
You're back with us.
I dreamt that a madman
had taken over the Enterprise.
- He's not a madman.
- He's not?
Sybok has put us in touch with feelings
we've always been afraid to express.
- I have to get to the transporter.
Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница

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