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Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница

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Stealth approach,
slow to one quarterimpulse power.
Prepare to cloak.
Engage cloaking device.
- The Bird of Prey must have cloaked.
- Raise shields.
- The shuttle...?
- Do it. Go to red alert.
Once we control your vessel,
we'll bring up our followers.
The Klingons are out there.
We'll be lucky to make it to the ship.
This is Enterprise, red alert.
Bird ofPrey approaching.
Raising shields.
Find a safe harbour.
No reply. Remain on course.
Listen to me. In order for this
craft to enter the landing bay,
Enterprise must lower the shields
and activate the tractor beam.
- To re-raise the shields will take...
- 15.5 seconds.
An eternity, during which
we'll be vulnerable to attack.
He speaks the truth. If my people
are cloaked, then they intend to strike.
- We cannot turn back.
- Let me do something.
Very well, do what you must,
but no more.
Enterprise, this is Kirk.
Kirk! He's on the shuttlecratf!
Alter the attack course!
Understand your situation.
Are unable to return to planet.
Stand by to execute
emergency landing plan...B
- Emergency landing plan B?
- B as in barricade.
What are you doing?
In order to lower and raise the shields
quickly, we'll forego the tractor beam.
We'll fly her in manually.
- How often have you done this?
- Actually, it's my first attempt.
He's good...really.
Scotty, open bay doors.
Stand by to de-cloak forflring.
- Scotty, lower shields.
- Lowering shields.
- Bird of Prey bearing 105.2.
- Go, Sulu.
They're in.
- Bear on Enterprise.
- Enterprise targeted!
- Warp speed now!
- Firing!
Track her course!
He's good.
We must change course at once.
I'll take you to the bridge.
Pick it up.
You must surrender.
- You must kill me.
- Shoot him!
For a moment...
I thought you might actually do it.
Put him in the brig with Captain Kirk.
Spock, you will accompany me
to the bridge?
No...l will not.
You know I'm right.
Then you must join them.
- (KORRD): These two will be useful.
- (SYBOK): Give us a moment alone.
(CAITHLIN): Don't be afraid.
(KIRK): Goddamn it, Spock.
You betrayed us all.
I do not expect you to forgive me.
- I ought to knock you on your ass.
- If you think it would help.
- You want me to hold him?
- Stay out of this... Why?.
- All you had to do was pull the trigger.
- Then Sybok would be dead.
- I ordered you to defend your ship.
- And kill my brother.
- A fellow Vulcan is not a...
- Sybok also is a son of Sarek.
He's your brother brother?.
You made that up.
- I did not.
- You don't have a brother.
- Technically I don't have a brother.
- See?
- I have a half-brother.
- I've got to sit down.
You and Sybok have the same father
but different mothers?
SyboKґs mother was a Vulcan princess,
but we were raised as brothers.
- Why didn't you tell us this before?
- It is a personal matter.
- For that I am sorry.
- That makes everything all right. Sorry!
Spock could no more kill
his own brother than he could kill you.
He's already in the brig. Besides,
we've got bigger problems to deal with.
Like how do we get out of here.
I'll say one thing,
you never cease to amaze me.
Nor I myself.
- I was beginning to worry.
- It's all right. Sybok will explain.
- What are you doing?
- Plotting our new course.
You have no authority.- What's going on here?
- Pavel, listen to this man.
- I don't understand.
- Each of us hides a secret pain.
Share yours with me
and gain strength from the sharing.
You could have warned me.
There's got to be a way out.
- This new brig is escape-proof.
- How do you know?.
The designers tested it using the most
intelligent person they could find.
- He failed to escape.
- Did this person have pointed ears?
And an unerring capacity
for getting his shipmates into trouble?
He did have pointed ears.
- Following new course. Warp 7.
- Arrival in 6.7 hours at present speed.
Now that we're underway, I'll announce
Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница

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