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Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница

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Halfthe doors won't open, and guess
whosejob itis to make itright?
Borgus frat!
"Let's see what she's got, Scotty."
We found out, didn't we?
- I know you'll whip her into shape.
- Uhura, I thought you were on leave.
- I thought we were going together.
- I can't leave her when she needs me.
I had a feeling you would
say something like that.
So I brought us dinner.
You're the most understanding woman
I know.
Red alert.
I just fixed that damn thing!
Turn it off, will you?
Red alert.
This is a red alert.
Enterprise, acknowledge.
This is Enterprise. Identify yourself.
This is Starfleet. We have a Priority 7
situation in the NeutraIZone.
- Scotty, this is for real.
- They can't be serious!
The ship's in pieces and we've got
less than a skeleton crew.
Starfleet, are you aware
of our current status?
Yes. Stand by to copy operational
orders and recall key personnel.
- Admit it, we're lost.
- Yes, but we're making good time.
- Commander Sulu, come in.
- I don't believe this.
Shore leave is cancelled.
- Rescued at last.
- Return to pre-arranged co-ordinates.
- You can't say we're lost.
- Is there a problem?
Yes. We've been caught in...a blizzard.
We can't see a thing.
Direct us to the co-ordinates.
My visual says
sunny skies and 70 degrees.
Look, the sun has come out.
It's a miracle.
Don't worry, your secretis safe
with me. I'll send the shuttle foryou.
Uhura, I owe you one.
Come and get it!
Bones, knock it off.
We're right here and we're starving.
- Bipodal seeds, Doctor?.
- Beans, Spock, but no ordinary beans.
These are from an old recipe
handed down to me by my father.
If you stick your Vulcan nose
up at these,
you're insulting
generations of McCoys.
In that case I have little choice
but to sample your beans.
Surprisingly good. It does have
a flavouring I'm not familiar with.
- That's the secret ingredient.
- Any more secret ingredient, Bones?
Be my guest.
- Your secret ingredient is alcohol?
- Tennessee whiskey.
Bourbon and beans, an explosive
combination. Can Spock handle it?
With that Vulcan metabolism,
he could eat a bowl of termites.
- Doctor, I am half-human.
- It certainly doesn't show.
- Thank you.
- This guy never changes.
I insult him
and he takes it as a compliment.
- You two could drive a man to drink.
- What did I do?
Human life is far too precious
to risk on crazy stunts.
You should have been killed
when you fell off that mountain.
It did cross my mind.
But even as I fell
I knew I wouldn't die.
- Isn't he the only one who's immortal?
- No, it isn't that.
I knew I wouldn't die
because the two of you were with me.
- I do not understand.
- I've always known...
..l'll die alone.
I'll call Valhalla
and reserve a room for you.
All that time in space,
getting on each otherґs nerves...
So what do we do on shore leave?
We spend it together.
- Other people have families.
- Other people, not us.
What are you doing?
I'm preparing to toast a "marsh melon".
I'll be damned! A marsh melon.
Where did you learn to do that?
I have familiarised myself with the
customs associated with camping out.
What do we do
after we toast the marsh melon?
- We consume them.
- No, I mean after that.
We are required to engage in a ritual
known as the sing-along.
I haven't sung around the campfire
since I was a boy in lowa.
What are we going to sing?
- "Camptown Races."
- "Pack up your troubles."
- Are we leaving?
- It's a song title.
- "Moon over Rigel 7."
- "Row, row, row your boat."
- Do you know "Row your boat"?
- It didn't come up in my research.
The lyrics are very simple...
"Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream.
"Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
life is but a dream."
The Doctor and I will start off
and you jump in.
- Doctor, if you please.
- Don't say I didn't warn you.
- Spock, why didn't you jump in?
- I cannot comprehend the words.
It's a song, you green-blooded Vulcan.
The words aren't
Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница

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