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Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница

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too must know.
Well, if we're going to do it,
we're going to do it by the book.
Standard orbital approach.
Alert the shuttlecraft to stand by.
Sybok, Spock, McCoy, come with me.
The rest of you remain on board.
Until I determine
what we're dealing with.
Don't just stand there,
God's a busy man.
I am no longer in control of the craft.
All right, we'll play it your way.
It's amazing. The land. The sky.
Just as I knew it would be.
- You have to see this.
- I don't have time.
The Captain told me
to get the transporter working.
We have travelled far.
By starship.
Enterprise, this is Kirk.
We have...
Brave souls, welcome.
Is this the voice of God?
One voice, many faces.
Does this better
suit your expectations?
- Qualse tu?
- It is I.
could not have been an easy one.
It was not.
We had to breach the Barrier.
You are the first to find me.
- We sought only your infinite wisdom.
- How did you breach the Barrier?
- With a starship.
- This starship...
Could it carry my wisdom
beyond the Barrier?
- It could, yes.
- Then I shall make use of it.
- It will be your chariot.
- Excuse me...
- I will reach every corner of creation.
- I'd like to ask a question.
- What does God need with a starship?
- Bring the ship closer.
What does God need with a starship?
- What are you doing?
- Asking a question.
- Who is this creature?
- Don't you know? Aren't you God?
- He has his doubts.
- You doubt me?
- I seek proof.
- You don't ask the Almighty for his ID.
Then here is the proof you seek.
- Why is God angry?
- Why have you done this?
- He doubts me.
- You have not answered his question.
What does God need with a starship?
Do you doubt me?
I doubt any god who inflicts pain
for his own pleasure.
Stop! The god of Sha Ka Ree
would not do this.
Sha Ka Ree? A vision you created.
An eternity I've been
imprisoned in this place.
The ship. I must have the ship.
Now... give me what I want.
This is not the god of Sha Ka Ree,
or any other god.
I don't understand.
Reveal yourself to me.
What's wrong?
Don't you like this face?
I have so many,
but this one suits you best.
No, it's not possible.
- Bring me the ship or I will destroy you.
- The ship.
Bring it closer so that I might join with it.
Do it, or watch these puny things
die horribly.
- What have I done?
- Enterprise, listen carefully.
This is my doing. This is my arrogance.
My vanity.
- Sybok, we must find a way...
- No, save yourselves.
Forgive me, brother.
I couldn't help but notice your pain.
It runs deep. Share it with me.
- Enterprise, are you ready?
- Torpedo armed.
- We're firing on your position.
- Send it down now!
Let's get out of here.
Sulu, I've lost them.
Spock, get us out of here.
Thrusters are inoperative.
Mr Scott, please tell me
the transporter is working.
I might be able to beam up two of you.
- Beam up Spock and Dr McCoy now.
- Just a damn minute!
Bring up the Captain.
- We can't just leave Jim down there.
- Get a grip on yourself. Status report.
The Klingon captain
wishes to name his terms.
This is Captain Klaa
ofthe Klingon Empire.
Do not attempt to arm your weapons
orl will destroy you.
You are alive for a single reason:
The renegade James TKirk.
Hand him over
and I will spare your lives.
- I'm ready to beam him aboard.
- Captain Kirk is not among us.
- You lie.
- Vulcans are incapable of lying.
- Captain Kirk is on the planet below.
- Then give me his co-ordinates.
- I am in need of your assistance.
- My assistance?
- You are his superior officer.
- I am a foolish old man.
Damn you, sir. You will try.
Klingon commander,
someone wishes to speak with you.
So it's me you want, you bastards.
What are you waiting for?
Release him.
Myjunior officer has something
he wants to say to you.
I... apologise.
The attack upon your vessel
was not authorised by my government.
Now, may I present
Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница Звёздный путь 5: Последняя граница

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