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Звёздный путь: Восстание

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Aggressive tendencies.
They've detonated an isolytic burst.
A subspace tear is forming.
Subspace weapons were banned
by the Khitomer accord.
- I'll lodge a protest.
- Our warp core is magnetised.
We're pulling the tear
like a zipper across space.
- We could eject the core.
- Will that stop the tear?
You got me.
- Is that your expert opinion?
- It might neutralise the cascade.
Subspace weapons are unpredictable.
That's why they're banned.
The tear is closing on us.
Impact in 15 seconds.
Eject the core.
- I just did.
- lmpact in ten seconds.
Get me a medic over here.
It worked. The tear is sealed.
But there's nothing to stop them
from doing it again.
- Transmission range: 36 minutes.
- We're through running.
Another 43 reported taken.
They're trying to drive us out
so their drones can tag us.
The structural integrity of this
cavern won't hold for long.
- Is there another way out of here?
- Let's trackthe water's course.
I'm reading a nitrogen-oxygen flow
behind that calcite formation.
Will this structure hold
if we blast through?
I believe it is safe.
Get everybody into those caves.
Set up a forcefield.
- Are those pockets of metreon gas?
- Yes, highly volatile.
I want to use the ram-scoop
to collect as much of it as we can.
- The purpose being?
- To shove it down their throats.
- If the gas ignites ...
- It's our only way out of here.
History will remember this
as the Riker manoeuvre.
Access manual steering column.
- Controls to manual.
- Storage cells are at maximum.
They're powering forward weapons.
Blow out the ram-scoop.
Ram-scoop released.
- Keep these people moving.
- Bring them out.
It won't be long before
the drones get here.
Keep moving!
There are caves on higher ground.
We'll be safe there.
Take a look at this med-scan.
His DNA profile.
- How can that be possible?
- Maybe we should askthem.
Artim, what are you doing? Come!
Is this the last group?
Get them ready to move out.
Anij went to find Artim.
- Go with Tournel!
- No, I want to stay with you!
- Worf to Picard!
- Two life-signs, one is faint.
There are almost four metric tons
of rock blocking our way.
That might cause another cave-in.
- Worf to Picard.
- Yes, I can hear you.
We're trying to get to you, sir.
Anij ...
Help is on the way.
- Hurry, Anij is hurt.
- How bad is she?
- I'm losing her.
- We're coming as fast as we can.
Anij, stay with me.
Help me find the power
to keep you in this moment.
Don't let go of this moment.
- She's stabilising.
- Is it safe to move her?
Safer than leaving her here.
And you thought
it would take centuries to learn.
Order them to surrender.
You won't be court-martialled.
A court martial will let the people
know what is happening here.
The Enterprise has destroyed
one ship, the other is on fire.
The Enterprise was defending itself.
Ru'afo must have attacked.
I can't believe that he didn't
have your consent, Admiral.
I wonder which one of us
will be facing that court martial.
- There's nothing to be gained here.
- Right, this is going to end now.
- I'm going to launch the injector.
- No, you're not.
In six hours, every living thing
in this system will be dead.
You would kill your own people?
Your own parents?
Brothers, sisters?
Didn't you know? The Son'a
and the Ba'ku are the same race.
Picard just told us.
Our DNA is identical.
Which one were you?
Gal'na? Ro'tin?
- They're gone forever.
- What's he talking about?
A century ago, some young people
wanted to live like offlanders.
- They tried to take over.
- And you exiled us to die slowly.
You're Ro'tin, aren't you?
There's something in the voice.
Would you be his friend, Gal'na?
I helped your mother bathe you.
She still speaks of you.
You brought the Federation
into the middle of a blood feud.
The children have returned
to expel their elders.
Except Ru'afo's need for revenge
has escalated into parricide.
It was for the
Звёздный путь: Восстание Звёздный путь: Восстание

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