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Звёздный путь: Восстание

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Yet he attacked us
and told the Ba'ku we were a threat.
- Are the implants bothering you?
- No, I'm just tired.
- Geordi? Captain?
- You're on the Enterprise, Data.
l seem to be missing
several memory engrams.
There they are.
What's the last thing you remember?.
- His nose should pant...
- From the mission.
l was gathering
phsyiometric data on the Ba'ku.
Some children walked into the hills.
Artim, where were you
the day the android appeared to us?
- In the hills by the dam.
- Can you show us?
There is no reason to fear me. l am
operating within normal parameters.
They fixed me.
- The boy is afraid of me.
- It's nothing personal.
- These people rejected technology.
- l am technology personified.
That young man has never seen
a machine that walks and talks.
Bridge to Riker.
- Can l get back to you, Worf?
- It's Admiral Dougherty.
Patch him through.
Yes, Admiral?
- Why haven't you left orbit?
- Picard is still on the surface.
He wants an explanation
as to why Data malfunctioned.
His future at Starfleet
depends on it.
Remind the Captain
his 12 hours are up. Dougherty out.
Your body is producing
far too many toxins.
We've reached the limit
of genetic manipulation.
l won't need any more
genetic manipulation -
- if our Federation friends will
allow us to complete this mission.
Tricorder functions are limited due
to kelbonite deposits in the area.
How about a passive radiation scan?
There appear to be strong neutrino
emissions coming from the lake.
Can he breathe underwater?.
Data doesn't breathe.
- Won't he rust?
- No.
l believe l know what is causing
the neutrino emissions.
The vessel
is clearly Federation in origin.
''Just a few loose ends
to tie up!''
- We're not interested in this.
- l am.
- It would be wiser ...
- I'm going with you.
It is a holographic projection.
Incomplete, l might add.
This is a computer-driven image
created by photons and forcefields.
l know what a hologram is.
Why would anyone want
to create one of our village?
If you were following the children
and discovered this ship ...
l may have been shot to protect
the secret of its existence.
Why would they duplicate this
village except to deceive the Ba'ku?
- Deceive us?
- To move you off this planet.
You'd fall asleep in your village -
- and wake up
on this flying holodeck.
Transported en masse,
and in a few days -
- relocated on a similar planet
without ever realizing it.
Why would the Federation
wish to move the Ba'ku?
l don't know.
Computer, end program.
De-cloak the vessel.
l can't swim.
Don't panic.
I've been shot at on a ship
that has come to abduct us.
What's there to panic about?
For water landings, l am designed
to serve as a flotation device.
Did the hostages mention
anything about a cloaked ship?
- No, sir.
- Debrief them again.
- Have you been in a fight?
- No, it is a gorch.
A pimple, sir.
Well ... it's hardly noticeable.
Smooth as an android's bottom.
- Dougherty noticed we haven't left.
- We're not going anywhere.
Deck 5.
Klingons never do anything small.
- Dr Crusher asked to speak to you.
- Picard to Crusher.
The Son'a hostages
declined to be examined.
- And our people?
- They're fine.
In fact they're better than fine.
Improved muscle tone, high energy.
Very well, Doctor.
Don't release the Son'a officers
until I've talked to Ahdar Ru'afo.
Commander, may l ..?
Computer, music.
- Not that, something Latin.
- Specify.
The mambo.
That's more like it.
How old are you?
Our solar system was on the verge
of self-annihilation.
Technology had created weapons
that threatened to destroy all life.
A small group of us
set off to find a new home.
A home that would be isolated
from the threats of other worlds.
- That was 309 years ago.
- And you haven't aged since then.
l was a lot older when we arrived,
in terms of my physical condition.
There's a metaphasic radiation
coming from the planet's
Звёздный путь: Восстание Звёздный путь: Восстание

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