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Звёздный путь: Восстание

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we aligned the torque sensors?
- Two months ago.
- They don't sound right.
They are out of alignment
by 12 microns. You could hear that?
When I was an ensign, I could
detect a 3-micron misalignment.
The Son'a ship with Adm. Dougherty
has entered tracking range.
Straighten your baldric.
On screen.
Captain, I wasn't expecting you.
This is important to the Enterprise.
Data attacked us in the mission
scout ship, yesterday.
Ru'afo and I have decided
to send in an assault team.
Worf and I are working out
a tactical plan ...
Your android damaged my ship.
He must be destroyed.
I know what Data means to Starfleet,
but our crew are in danger.
If our attempt to capture Data
fails, I will terminate him.
I should be the one to do it.
I'm his captain and his friend.
All right, you have 12 hours, then
I want you out of the Briar Patch.
We'll head out to the perimeter
to call for Son'a reinforcements.
Good luck. Dougherty out.
- We're not picking up any ships.
- Try a wide-band covariant signal.
The rings are masking his approach.
The metaphasic radiation from the
rings is in a state of extreme flux.
Come out, come out
wherever you are ...
- Sir?
- That's something my mother ...
Hold on.
Open all hailing frequencies.
Data, this is Captain Picard.
Please respond.
If we fire tachyon bursts,
he'll have to reset his shields.
- Then we can beam him out.
- Make it so.
- Direct hit. His shields are down.
- Beam him out.
- He's using a transport inhibitor.
- Prepare to enter the atmosphere.
That will shake him.
- Scanners are off-line.
- Start evasive manoeuvres.
He can fly a ship and anticipate our
tactics. His brain is functioning.
We know how he responds to threats.
I wonder how he would respond ...
Do you know Gilbert & Sullivan?
No, I've not had a chance
to meet all the new crew members.
They're composers,
from the 19th century.
Data was rehearsing "HMS Pinafore"
just before he left.
A Brltish tar is a soaring soul
as free as a mountain bird
his fist should be ready to resist
a dictatorial word
Sing, Worf.
- his nose should pant
- and his lips should curl
- his cheeks should flame
- and his brow should furl
- his bosom should heave
- and his heart should glow
and his fist be ever ready
for a knockdown blow
his nose should pant
and his lips should curl
his cheeks should flame
and his brow should furl
his bosom should heave
and his heart should glow
and his fist be ever ready
for a knockdown blow
Prepare the docking clamps.
his eyes should flash
wlth an inborn fire
his brow wlth scorn be wrung
he never should bow down
to a domineering frown
or the tang of a tyrant tongue
- his heart should stamp
- and his throat should growl
- his hair should curl
- and his face should scowl
- his eyes should flash
- and his breast protrude
and this should be
his customary attltude
his foot should stamp
and his voice should drop
his hair should curl
and his face ...
If we do not release him,
he may destroy both vessels.
I'm not letting go of him.
- We must stabilise.
- All power to inertial dampers.
- The auto-sequencer is damaged.
- Transfer control to manual.
Auto-sequencer realigned.
Engaging stabilisers.
- Damping field established.
- Maximum power.
Now, Mr Worf.
Commander Data is safely in custody.
- Captain, Subahdar Gallatin.
- Lt. Curtis, Dougherty's attachй.
- Are you all right?
- We've been treated extremely well.
They have incredible
mental discipline and perception.
- My name is Sojef.
- Jean-Luc Picard.
Dr Crusher and Counsellor Troi.
- Would you like something to eat?
- No, we're here to rescue them.
As you wish. I would ask you
to disarm yourselves.
This village is a sanctuary of life.
Prepare the hostages for transport.
They should be quarantined before
joining the ship's population.
We believed they were being held
against their will.
It's not our custom
to hold anyone against their will.
Звёздный путь: Восстание Звёздный путь: Восстание

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