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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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she comes,
you will take my place?
- Yes.
- Quickly. Give me your hand.
A line as the unending horizon.
A curve as...
She has found me.
Show yourself. I will go with you.
It seems I was not fast enough.
So hard to stay warm.
Are you one of my children?
- I can't remember any more.
- I need your help.
I need the sign for Masaka's temple.
It won't help you.
Korgano no longer pursues her.
Only he can stop her.
A line as the unending horizon.
A curve as...
A line as the unending horizon.
A curve...
...as the rolling hillside.
A point as a distant bird.
A ray as the rising sun.
Thank you.
Come sit with me.
Tend the fire.
I'm alone.
No one left to help me.
She's coming.
Are all the others dead?
- Did Masaka kill them?
- No.
She sent them away.
It will take them days to die.
Any progress, Mr La Forge?
I think I've found
the transformation program.
Will it accept the symbol?
I think so.
I've isolated the input pathways.
They're keyed to accept symbols.
If I input this one,
it should initiate the program.
- And create the temple?
- I hope so.
If this is the wrong symbol, it
might turn us into a chunk of rock.
The question is,
can we trust a personality
from an alien archive
that seems bent on taking us over?
lhat risked his life
to show me that symbol.
Masaka killed him for doing it.
I think we have to risk it.
The deck has been cleared
of personnel. We may proceed.
- Cmdr Riker, we're ready.
- Understood.
- Initiate transformation.
- Inputting the symbol now.
It would seem
that this is Masaka's temple.
There is no one else here.
lhat said
that if we created the temple,
then it would get her attention.
It may be some time
before she shows herself.
- How will she do that?
- I don't know.
Take a look at this.
This is the first time I've seen
these two symbols paired.
That could be significant.
Look, there it is again.
And again.
And there again.
This is obviously
an important pairing.
"He isn't chasing her any more."
lhat said that someone called Korgano
isn't chasing Masaka any more.
And the old man said,
"He pursues her no longer."
In a sense, the small symbol
might be seen to be chasing Masaka.
The symbol suggests antlers
of some kind. Horns.
Maybe it is meant
to represent an animal.
Animals are worshipped
in many cultures.
That smaller symbol
could represent Korgano.
lhat and the old man
said Korgano was the only one
who could control Masaka.
Many ritualistic cultures
incorporate the idea of balance
into their belief systems.
Now, Masaka is a queen.
A powerful, godlike figure.
It's not unrealistic to believe
that she might have a counterpart,
a consort.
Look around, see if you can see
that horn-like symbol anywhere else.
This is the most prominent
instance of the horn symbol.
Now it appears as though
Masaka's sun is chasing it.
- The sun chasing an animal?
- Maybe it's simpler.
Maybe their relationship
is more like the sun and the moon.
I see.
Masaka and Korgano,
switching positions.
The sun setting, the moon rising.
Exactly. Like two powerful rulers
changing places in a continual cycle.
And like the sun and the moon,
only one can be in ascendance.
If we can find Korgano in the archive
and bring him out,
then perhaps he could force
Masaka to leave.
But would we be better off
with him?
lhat and the others didn't
seem to be frightened of Korgano.
I am Capt Picard of the Federation...
Go away!
Please, hear us.
- Your archive is destroying...
- I do not hear you.
She will not even listen to us.
Then we will find someone
to whom she will listen.
I've found it, Captain.
This is the only place
where Korgano's moon symbol
appears by itself,
not linked with Masaka's.
I want you to access
the transformation program.
When you're ready, input the symbol.
- Isn't that risky?
- What will the result be?
The symbol might generate
Korgano's temple or
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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