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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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net on line.
Subprocessor relays in place.
Neuroelectrical systems enabled.
Data! Are you alright?
I do not know.
I am surprised to find myself here.
I thought I was on Barkon IV.
What's the last thing
you remember?
I had located the crashed
Federation probe
and collected
the radioactive fragments,
I was attempting to download the
sensor logs from the probe computer.
There was a power surge.
I believe the surge
overloaded my positronic matrix.
After that, I have no memory
until this moment.
It appears
I had an interesting time.
We don't know much either.
Apparently, you saved an entire
village from radiation poisoning.
And were a very special friend
to a little girl.
Well, if you'll excuse me,
I have the bridge this watch.
Counsellor, have you been promoted
in my absence?
That's right. Which means
from now on you can call me "sir."
Yes, sir.That's very good.
Well, that's very nice.
No, it isn't.
I just can't get it right.
- Do you think the wings are too big?
- No, not at all.
Birds have wings of all sizes, Eric.
You shouldn't worry
about making it perfect.
Mrs Narsu said
we should make our sculptures
as realistic as possible.
She's right.
It is important to make the clay
take the shape you want it to have.
But you're not to concentrate
on technique today.
I'm here to help you focus
on the feelings you want to convey.
For instance, what do you
think about when you see a bird?
- Flying?
- Fine.
So, make your sculpture
make me think of flying, too.
- How's it going, Data?
- I have finished.
The dimensions are accurate
to within 1.3 percent.
I'm sure they are.
Data, you don't have a problem
with realism.
But you're here to work
on your imagination.
Maybe you should try
something a little more abstract.
I want you to start a new piece.
I'd like you to sculpt...
Counsellor, music is a collection
of acoustic vibrations.
How can I reproduce a sound
with clay?
Think of the effects
that sounds have on people,
the images that music
brings to your mind,
and then give it a form.
It's a start.
Riker to Data.
Please report to the bridge.
Acknowledged, sir. On my way.
Captain's log, stardate 47615.2.
We have encountered
a rogue comet in Sector 1156.
It is not native to this region
and there is no record of this
object on Federation charts.
Based on its trajectory,
the comet appears to have originated
in the D'Arsay system.
- That's over two sectors away.
- Correct, sir.
This object has been en route
for 87 million years.
That's a long time,
alone in the dark.
Begin a full sensor analysis,
Mr Data,
and log the findings with the
Federation Astrophysical Survey.
Aye, sir.
The outer shell is composed primarily
of gaseous hydrogen and helium
surrounding an icy mantle.
The inner core
consists of heavier elements...
- What was that?
- There is a distortion in the core.
I believe we experienced
an intense sensor echo.
- Can you correct for it?
- I am attempting to do so.
I have compensated for the effect.
Sensors are reconfigured.
We are picking up interference
but the distortion is manageable.
At these settings, the scan
will be complete in 39 hours.
Worf says he'll teach us
Mok'bara throwing techniques today.
More like falling techniques.
Last time, I was sore for a week.
- What's this?
- I have no idea.
- I've never seen it before.
- Maybe Will left it.
- It's not quite his style.
- Maybe it's a secret admirer.
That's an interesting thought.
Figure it out later.
Come on, we're gonna be late.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages
of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission,
to explore strange new worlds...
...to seek out new life
and new civilisations...
...to boldly go
where no one has gone before.
That's nice.
Data, this is amazing.
How did you come up with this?
I followed your advice, Counsellor.
I used my imagination.
That's an understatement.
For some reason,
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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