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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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metallic pendant
and hitting the cloth.
I don't see particles
coming from the pendant.
You will see there are.
I can even block them.
It would appear that this container
was constructed of a material
which blocks the particles
coming from the metal.
- It's a trick.
- No. It is empirical data.
I believe the fragments
were placed in this container
to protect people
from accidental exposure.
The word "radioactive" may be a
warning about the dangerous metal.
Alright. Let's say
for the moment you are right,
that there are particles coming
from the metal. What should we do?
I will continue my experiment.
I want you to gather all the pieces
of metal in the village
and place them in this container.
Alright. But when I return, I want
a thorough explanation of all this.
And I want to examine your data,
in detail.
Of course.
There you are!
You're the cause of this, ice man!
If you refer to the illness,
you are partially correct.
But it is more complex than that.
The metal fragment...
What... what are you?
I do not know.
I saw it with my own eyes.
He's some kind of creature.
It's not true, Father.
We must fight him.
And stop him before he kills us all.
I don't... Not Jayden.
He wouldn't try to hurt us.
Come on!
Let him rest for now.
You should rest as well.
Exerting yourself
will only make you sicker.
I'll be back.
Everyone's looking for you.
Skoran said...
you're some kind of... creature.
I do not know... what I am.
But I am not like you.
I know. You are an ice man.
We talked about that.
I am not.
why are you wearing that hood?
I do not wish to frighten you.
I won't be afraid. Take it off.
Please. I have to see.
I understand your reaction.
But I do not wish to harm you.
You or Garvin or anyone else.
I only wish to help,
to find a cure for the illness.
I was very close.
I must continue my work,
but it will take time.
How long until Skoran
and the others return?
I don't know.
They're looking for you now.
Then I must hurry.
I believe I have found the answer.
You think you've found a cure?
I believe so.
I tested this medicine
on skin samples from your father.
They showed improvement,
so I administered this to him.
He is now recovering.
What kind of medicine is it?
A compound which will neutralise the
particles that are making you ill.
Swallow this.
I must administer this
to everyone in the village,
but they do not trust me
after what happened to Skoran.
I could tell them.
I am afraid
they will not believe you, either.
Is the well in the town square the
only source of water in the town?
- Well?
- This is very important.
Are there any sources
of fresh water near the village?
No. The nearest river...
...is two days away.
Then I will put this compound
into the well water.
It may be diluted, but it should
still have enough potency to work.
There he is!
You see? It's just as I said.
I only wish to help.
This is how you helped us,
by bringing this plague?
Trying to kill us all?
Well, you won't succeed!
I won't let you!
Excuse me.
We're looking for a friend of ours.
He might have wandered
into your village a few days ago.
You'd remember him.
He would have seemed strange.
Pale skin, gold eyes.
- He was your friend?
- Yes, do you know him?
Where is he?
I don't understand.
We didn't know his real name,
so we called him Jayden.
He's dead?
They killed him because
they were afraid of him,
but he saved us from sickness.
The sickness?
There were these pieces of metal.
They made everyone sick.
But Jayden put something in the water
and now everyone's better.
- What happened to the metal?
- We buried them in the forest.
What was his real name?
He was my friend, too.
It's Data, alright.
He's buried about two metres down.
He's been deactivated
so I can't assess the damage.
We could beam him and
the probe fragments onto the ship.
No one would know.
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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