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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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normal size.
As you can see, the cellular damage
is quite extensive.
Based on interstitial transparency
and membrane integrity,
I do not believe it is an infection
or a communicable disease.
I see.
At the moment, I am looking
for a common event or experience
that Gia, Garvin and Skoran
may have shared
that could have a causal
relationship to their illness.
They've lived here many years
and have many common experiences.
Yes. But since the illness struck
all three in a short period of time,
we must assume the experience
is recent and unusual.
Actually, Jayden, encountering you
has been the most unusual experience
they've shared recently.
I am aware of that. Excuse me.
I am also open to the possibility
that I may be the causal factor.
However, since you have had much
contact with me
and show no sign of sickness,
I tend to discount myself.
Still, it has to be more
than just a coincidence
that shortly after you arrived,
people started to become ill.
I agree.
Jayden, I tried to give Father
his broth, but he won't eat.
You have a fever.
You should be in bed.
No, I'm alright. Father needs me.
Talar is correct. You should rest.
I will attend to your father.
Gia, when did you begin
wearing that pendant?
Two days ago.
Father bought it from Skoran. Why?
May I see it?
This is one of the metal fragments
I sold to Skoran.
The secondary plasma vent...
...has a triple redundant bypass.
Which means
that the primary access junction...
...is routed through...
Come in.
...would be routed through
the port transducer matrix.
Come to give me more
No. I'm here to tell you that
I've decided to cancel your test.
- I'm cancelling the test.
- May I ask why?
You've taken engineering three times.
You're no closer to passing.
Then I'll take it four times.
Or 14 times.
Or however many times it's necessary
for me to get it right!
Deanna... this is nothing personal.
Not everyone
is cut out to be a bridge officer.
- I don't think this is for you.
- Why?
Because I'm not the most technically
minded person on the ship?
I may have trouble telling a plasma
conduit from a phase inducer,
but there's more to being a bridge
officer than memorising manuals.
There is. You could memorise
all the manuals in the computer.
I still don't think you'd pass.
Tell me one thing,
is there a solution?
Or is this simply a test of my
ability to handle a no-win situation?
- There is a solution.
- Then give me time to find it.
I can't.
As much as I care about you,
my first duty is to the ship.
I cannot let any bridge officer
serve who's not qualified. I'm sorry.
"My first duty is to the ship."
The ship!
Computer, load bridge officer's test,
engineering qualification.
- Computer ready.
- Run program.
The primary containment
control system is not functioning.
The conduit to the antimatter
storage deck is severed.
...could you repair the conduit
if you went into the crawlspace?
Sir, that crawlway
is in a warp-plasma shaft.
- He would not survive the radiation.
- I know that.
Geordi, could you
repair the conduit?
Yeah. I think I could.
Then do it. That's an order.
End simulation.
Something told me
you wouldn't let this go.
Congratulations. You passed.
That's what this was about, to see
if I'd order someone to their death.
That's right.
That was part of being in command
I thought I'd prepared for.
But when the moment came,
I hesitated.
Maybe you were right,
maybe I'm not cut out for this.
You did exactly what you had to do.
You considered all your options
and then you made the hard choice.
Come on.
Let's get out of here, Commander.
I have coated this piece of cloth
with the liquid used in lamps.
The cloth becomes luminescent when
it is exposed to an energy source.
This pendant also
appears to be an energy source.
But... where is this
pattern of light coming from?
I believe a stream of particles is
emanating from the
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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