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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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I'd say you were seeing someone.
Now I know you're seeing someone.
I'm not seeing anybody.
I met someone, that's all.
You obviously have
romantic feelings for him.
Beverly, when will you realise
that you can't fool me?
- Who is it?
- Alright.
I met Ronin.
Your grandmother's lover?
He's unlike anyone I've ever met
before. This sounds crazy, but...
...I have never known anyone
who was so...
- Passionate.
- Exactly.
I can see why Nana
fell in love with him.
This sounds very strange, doesn't it?
I admit it's unusual.
I'm very happy for you.
But I want you to consider something.
You and Ronin have both suffered
a tremendous loss.
Very often,
shared traumatic experience
can create the illusion
of closeness and romance.
Thank you for your concern,
but I think I know what I'm doing.
Besides, I didn't say I was in love
with him. I'm just intrigued.
I moved to this colony because
it was a recreation of Scotland,
but it's getting too realistic.
What is going on?
There is a condensed suspension
of water vapour,
approximately one degree Celsius.
- Fog.
- It just rolled in on us, sir.
There is a malfunction
in the environmental control.
We traced the problem
to the power-transfer beam.
Some feedback is coming
from a weather substation.
- Another power fluctuation?
- Captain.
The temperature in ten-forward
is below freezing.
- Deck 13 has lost gravity.
- Disengage the power transfer.
I am unable to terminate
the connection.
A feedback loop has formed
in the beam.
I will have to go to the substation
to correct the problem.
Make it so. In the meantime,
I think I'll go get my jacket.
I have analysed the control module
in the primary weather-control grid.
The station is experiencing
a power failure.
This is impossible.
The backup system...
Excuse me, sir, you are dismantling
the primary power conduit.
- I must ask you to stop.
- No.
Get away from me.
You dinna understand.
He's trying to kill us all.
He is dead.
He was trying to shut down
the weather-control system.
He was pulling out
the plasma conduit.
That caused the discharge
that killed him.
I knew Ned. I don't know
why'd he try something like that.
It's gonna take us time to get the
system back on line. Another day.
In the meantime,
the weather problems will continue.
I think you'd better look at this.
Data, you said there was a plasma
discharge when Quint was killed.
- That is correct.
- That wasn't what killed him.
I'm detecting an anomalous
energy residual throughout his body.
Whatever it is, it wasn't
the result of a plasma discharge.
- Anything?
- I cannot identify the residual.
it has the same anaphasic signature
as the fluctuations
from the weather-control system.
Whatever caused the malfunctions
also killed Quint?
It is possible.
Scan the colony for any readings
that match this signature.
With your permission, I'd like to
take the body to the ship for tests.
Of course, Doctor.
Ensign, ask Dr Selar
to run a biospectral analysis.
You won't run the test yourself?
No. I have some things
I need to attend to.
Ronin, I've got to talk to you.
Are you here?
I'm here.
Beverly, did you miss me?
Yes, but I must talk to you.
- There's been an accident.
- I know. Quint is dead.
Why did it happen?
What was he doing?
Beverly, there's something more
important we should talk about.
Ronin, I've got to know.
Quint's dead.
- Ronin?
- Yes.
- I need you to help me.
- Help you?
It's not easy for me
to take corporeal form.
I can't do it for long.
I want you to light the candle.
Quint said you lived in the candle.
Is that true?
If I'm away from it for too long,
I begin to weaken.
That's why the women in your family
have always kept the candle lit.
The candle's on the ship.
I'll get it.
- I must go with you.
- How?
The power-transfer beam.
I can travel along it.
And when the candle's lit,
then what happens?
Then we'll be
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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