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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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light years of Cardassian space.
There are constant border disputes
in that sector.
The alternative is Vacca VI,
located in the Cabral sector.
That's pretty isolated.
It has a less hospitable climate
than the Boraalans are accustomed to.
However, it would appear
to be the better choice.
- Do you disagree?
- No, you're right.
But the enormity of this
is overwhelming.
We are deciding
the future of a species.
It is a formidable responsibility.
There are questions
we don't have answers to.
What if the climate affects them
in a way we can't anticipate?
How do we know they'll survive?
And if they do,
how will their society evolve?
What impact will it have
on that system?
We have no idea
what this decision will mean.
Doctor, I do not believe
we can offer any guarantees.
We can simply make the best choice.
Alright, Data. Vacca VI, it is.
- Data to bridge.
- Picard here.
We have a new home for the Boraalans.
It is Vacca VI in the Cabral sector.
We can reach that in 42 hours
at maximum warp, sir.
Very well.
Helm, set course for Vacca VI.
Aye, sir.
- What is this?
- Our chronicle.
The history of our village. Doesn't
your village keep a chronicle?
Not in this manner.
How do you teach
your children their history,
who their ancestors were,
where they come from?
We tell each other stories,
make up songs.
Stories change
with each person who tells them.
But this,
this will always be the same.
Our chronicle has been maintained
for 17 generations.
I was only able to save the last six.
This shows
the destruction of our village.
This is you and Nikolai
leading us to safety.
We must leave.
Gather your belongings.
One of the scrolls is gone.
I must have dropped it.
I'll go find it.
We must stay together.
We'll have to leave it behind.
Worf, the chronicle
is the life of our village.
Without that past,
our future means nothing.
I must find it.
Go. And return quickly.
I am an old man.
Would you help me with my gear?
Of course.
That is Tarrana, my daughter.
I am fortunate she was old enough
to survive the storms.
- She is a fine girl.
- She is a beautiful girl.
She has not been promised to anyone.
If I do not reach our new home...
...I would like her
to become your wife.
You will reach your new home.
I promise.
Can I help you?
Do you need some help?
Alright, everybody. Back off.
I know things
must look very strange to you.
But everything's
going to be alright.
No one's going to hurt you.
We're friends of Nikolai and Worf.
Don't be afraid.
- Nikolai?
- Yes.
He's my friend.
That means you are, too.
I promise I won't hurt you.
Please. Help me.
Where am I?
Sorry. There's nothing I can do.
His neurophysiology is very unusual.
I can't wipe his memory.
- I see. How is he?
- As well as you'd expect.
I've given him a mild sedative.
Troi has been speaking with him.
He seems much calmer.
- Does he understand?
- I think so.
Contact Mr Worf.
Make sure he knows what's going on.
Here he is now. This is Capt Picard.
- Vorin, isn't it?
- Why did you bring us here?
Your planet was dying.
It could no longer support life.
- We took you away from it.
- But we never left the caves.
We have the ability to create
the illusion of other places,
like the caves on your planet.
You have actually spent
the last two days
here on this starship, not on Boraal.
Then our home is gone.
Vorin, listen to me.
We can visit other worlds.
We can take you to one
to build a new life.
A new life?
A chance for your culture,
your people, to survive and grow.
How can we grow when everything
that made us who we are is gone?
Dobara, you go on ahead.
I will carry your pack.
Go and join the others.
Thank you, Seer.
It'll be dark soon. A few hours.
Would you ask Mr La Forge to create
a suitable campsite for us?
What's wrong?
- Vorin has left the holodeck.
- How did he get out?
I do not know.
Dr Crusher cannot erase his memory.
- What
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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