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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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You have left us with Boraalans
who think they're on their planet.
I didn't beam them up without a plan.
I've given this thought.
I think we can find a new planet
to be their home.
A home very different from Boraal.
You can't believe
that they'll be fooled.
That's where the holodeck comes in.
I'll tell them
we're going on a journey
to a different place
safe from the storms.
The holodeck can gradually change
the terrain,
so that, in the end, the holodeck
will match the new planet.
Then we'll simply beam them down.
What if it doesn't work?
What if they become aware
that something is going on?
Captain, I can't prepare
for every contingency,
but I can think on my feet.
I'll deal with the situation
as it evolves.
I'm not enthusiastic
about this plan.
But I don't see
that we have another option.
Very well. Let's give it a try.
Thank you, Captain.
There are countless planets
that can support the Boraalans.
We need to narrow the parameters.
It will take approximately nine hours
to complete the analysis.
Even then, there is no guarantee.
- That is correct.
- Captain, take a look at this.
- What is it?
- We've got a problem.
I don't think it's possible
to keep this simulation stable.
Why not?
The plasmonic energy bursts
are affecting our systems.
We are having problems
with the EPS systems.
As a result, the holodeck
imaging processor is destabilised.
It's not a question of whether
it will break down, but when.
- There's no way round it?
- Not while it's running.
I'd have to shut down
and reinitialise the entire system.
That will take hours.
We'll just have to hope
the simulation holds.
Let's try it. Mr La Forge,
monitor this situation carefully.
Keep a commlink with the holodeck
so as to be apprised of problems.
I'll return as soon as
my surgical alterations are completed
and prepare the Boraalans
for their journey.
I don't think it's wise to leave
you alone with those people.
Mr Worf will accompany you.
Sir, someone else would be better.
Counsellor Troi is familiar...
The Boraalans know you. There's
no need to introduce anyone new.
Aye, sir.
Keep a close eye on your brother.
I don't want him making it worse.
My friends, we have returned.
We have food.
This is difficult to say,
but you have a right to hear it.
By the time we reached the surface,
the village was gone.
The storms destroyed everything.
There is nothing to return to.
We can't survive.
Our supplies won't last forever.
That's why we must leave.
There is a place
where there are no storms.
It will be difficult,
but we will have a new home.
I know a way through the caves.
We will travel safely to the surface.
Where is this new land?
As we said, it is far from here.
It will not be like
the home you knew.
- Even the stars may be different.
- Why would they be?
How do you know it's safe?
My brother is a seer. If he says
we'll be safe, we will be.
- What's wrong?
- Look.
Do not worry. It is an omen.
What does it mean?
It is the sign of La Forge.
It is a message to travellers.
It is said that when these lines
appear and disappear
in a pool of water, the road ahead
will be filled with good fortune.
Hang in there, Worf.
Give me just a second.
There. That should do it.
You see?
Our journey is already blessed.
The road ahead is long. Let us
have a meal, then prepare to leave.
Worf, very good work.
Apparently, we don't make a bad team.
We are not a team. I am here
because Capt Picard ordered me here.
Don't we both share the same goal,
to make this plan work?
Only because you forced us into it.
I'm not ashamed
or sorry I saved their lives.
You have not changed. You expect
people to solve problems you create.
I'm not here
to work out childhood issues.
I'm here to save a people.
If that upsets you, then so be it.
These are the two planets
which best match our criteria.
Draygo IV features
an unusually large temperate zone.
However, it is within
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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