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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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waited so long?
Atmospheric dissipation
is a rare and unpredictable event.
When it occurs, it proceeds rapidly.
He may not have had warning.
What was that?
The dissipation is generating
energy bursts.
- Is there any danger to the ship?
- I do not believe so.
But we may experience intermittent
system failures and power surges.
Keep an eye on it.
Mr Worf, any luck?
There is no response to our hail,
I'm attempting to scan
the observation post.
He could be hurt and can't respond.
Sensor interference is significant.
But the post appears intact.
Their power grid
is still functioning.
However, I am reading no life forms
within the structure.
It's not like him to leave the post.
Not under these circumstances.
I'm detecting power emissions
from caverns near the post.
- It could be a deflector shield.
- That can't be native.
The Boraalans
don't have that technology.
Captain, request permission
to lead an away team.
Very well. But regardless
of this planet's situation,
we must observe the Prime Directive.
I want to minimise the risk
of contact with the inhabitants.
You will go down alone.
I want you surgically altered
to pass as a Boraalan.
Aye, sir.
You're worried about Nikolai,
aren't you?
- Are the two of you close?
- We are brothers.
You never talk about him.
What's he like?
Nikolai is older than I.
We are not alike.
We had many disagreements
when we were growing up.
That's not unusual.
Nikolai has a mind of his own.
He attended Starfleet Academy.
But he was unable
to follow the rules.
He left after one year.
But he has many fine qualities.
He's brilliant, persuasive.
- A natural leader.
- Sounds intriguing.
I look forward to meeting him.
What are you doing here?
You're not from our village.
Who are you?
Who is this?
My name is Worf. I am a traveller.
How did you survive the storms?
I would know that voice anywhere.
Worf, is it really you?
It's good to see you.
You've changed a lot in four years.
This is my brother Worf.
He's come to help us.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages
of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission,
to explore strange new worlds...
...to seek out new life
and new civilisations...
...to boldly go
where no one has gone before.
If you could get here,
the storms must have subsided.
- Please...
- Is it safe on the surface?
Please, I must speak to my brother.
Nikolai, what have you done?
They were dying. I refused to sit
in the post and watch it happen.
I set up a deflector shield
to screen these caves from
the radiation and brought them here.
- What did you tell them?
- They think I am a Boraalan.
At least you had that much sense.
When I sent the call, I knew
the Enterprise was nearby,
but I wasn't sure you'd come.
I'm glad you're here.
Nikolai, there is
nothing we can do for these people.
You have only postponed their deaths.
I will discuss
that with your captain.
And I am certain he will want
to speak with you.
Friends, my brother and I
must go to the surface.
He has provisions
and needs help bringing them.
- We will return shortly.
- It's too dangerous. The storms...
Don't worry. Worf is a seer.
He understands the storms.
He'll know when it's safe to travel.
Yes, that is correct.
Our seer died
when the storms first came.
- We've been without his guidance.
- Let me go with you.
I know the terrain. I can help.
No, Vorin. Worf and I will be safe.
We'll return shortly.
Doctor, you were fully aware
that the atmospheric dissipation
could not be stopped.
What did you hope to accomplish,
assisting these people?
I was trying to give them a future.
What I propose is we create
an atmospheric shield.
We can camouflage the equipment.
No one will ever know it's there.
- You can't be serious.
- Indeed, I am.
It will only provide atmosphere
for a limited area,
but it will be enough
to save one village.
I will not compound
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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