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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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kept us from exploiting
a vital area.
That treaty has kept us
in peace for 60 years,
and as an officer,
you're supposed to uphold it.
Now, that's enough!
I'm taking command of this vessel.
Mr Worf, escort the Captain
to his quarters.
I don't think anyone's going
to come to your defence.
How do we use the cloak
to escape from the asteroid?
It's more than a cloak.
It changes the structure of matter.
In theory, a ship using this device
could pass through normal matter.
I see why you wanted to find it.
Can't you see the potential here?
The phasing cloak would be the
greatest breakthrough in 50 years.
Except that it's illegal.
It's in violation
of an agreement signed in good faith.
Captain, I think we could
adapt the cloak for the Enterprise.
- Mr Data?
- Theoretically, it is possible.
But it would take several hours
to link it to our systems.
Make it so.
Captain's log, stardate 47457. 1.
We have been trapped inside
the asteroid for over eight hours.
Mr Data and Cmdr La Forge
are nearly ready to engage the cloak.
Commander, we've routed
the impulse engines
through the plasma conduits.
Watch the intercooler levels.
If they get too high,
we'll blow the relay system.
I think that's what happened
12 years ago.
The cloak blew out the plasma relays
on the Pegasus.
The plasma ignited in space
and it looked
as if the ship had been destroyed.
The ship drifted into this system
still in a phased state.
When it passed through
this asteroid...
The cloak failed and half of the ship
materialised in solid rock.
La Forge to bridge.
The cloak is ready
to begin phase sequencing.
- Proceed, Number One.
- Activating power systems.
- Report.
- The cloak is functioning normally.
The ship's matter-energy
phasing rate should be sufficient.
Take us out.
Manoeuvring thrusters only.
We will reach the rock face
in five seconds.
We have passed through
two kilometres of the asteroid.
Now within one kilometre
of the surface.
We're approaching the surface.
We have cleared the asteroid.
The warbird is off the port bow.
They're still waiting
for us to make up our minds.
Disengage the cloaking device.
You cannot. If the Romulans see...
They'll know the truth, Admiral.
Which is what everyone will know
shortly. Carry out my orders.
Send a message to the warbird.
Tell them that their government
will be contacted about this.
Aye, sir.
Admiral, I am charging you with
violation of the Treaty of Algeron.
As Captain,
I am placing you under arrest.
- Mr Worf.
- If you will come with me.
Captain, I'll have to be placed
under arrest as well.
I have a lot of friends
at Starfleet Command.
You're going to need them.
I spoke with Fleet Admiral Shanthi.
There will be a full inquiry
at Starbase 247.
That will probably lead to
a court martial of Admiral Pressman.
And several others
at Starfleet Intelligence.
Your involvement will be
thoroughly investigated.
There will be some hard questions.
I understand.
You made a mistake 12 years ago.
But your service since then
has earned you much respect.
This incident could cost you
some of that.
I can't help but feel
I should have come forward.
When the moment came to make
a decision, you made the right one,
to tell the truth
and face the consequences.
As long as you can do that,
you deserve to wear that uniform.
And I will be proud
to have you as my first officer.Captain's log, stardate 47423.9.
We arrived at Boraal II
in response to a distress call
from Worf's foster brother,
Nikolai Rozhenko.
He was stationed on the planet
as a cultural observer.
Analysis, Mr Data.
The atmosphere is dissipating, sir.
Intense plasmonic reactions
are destroying it.
The stratosphere
is already breaking down.
There are turbulent radiation storms
across its surface.
I estimate that the planet will be
uninhabitable in less than 38 hours.
The distress call
came four days ago.
Why would Dr Rozhenko
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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