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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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to get off the ship.
There was a running firefight
to the escape pod.
About five minutes
after we left the ship,
there was an explosion.
"The Judge Advocate also believes
that the surviving officers
are deliberately withholding
vital information."
"Investigation is recommended."
There was no investigation.
This report was classified
and then it was quietly buried.
- Sir, take this up with Admiral...
- I'm taking this up with you.
The Judge Advocate thought
that you covered up the truth.
Now, what the hell
is going on here, Will?
Why did that mutiny happen?
Why is Pressman determined
to find your ship 12 years later?
I've said all I can.
I'm under direct orders from Admiral
Pressman not to discuss this, sir.
Very well.
He's an admiral. I'm a captain.
I cannot force you
to disobey his orders.
I will have to remain
in the dark on this mission.
I'll have to trust that you will not
let Pressman put this ship at risk.
If I find that trust is misplaced,
I will re-evaluate
the command structure of this ship.
Captain. Starfleet places
the highest priority on this mission.
Your request for a delay is denied.
something's very wrong here.
Do you know what's going on?
I know that the Chief of Intelligence
is watching this one.
You'd be well advised
to follow orders. Leave it at that.
Starfleet out.
Worf to Capt Picard. We are
approaching asteroid Gamma 601.
On my way.
Mr Worf, where are the Romulans?
Out of sensor range
on the far side of the system.
Take us to within 15 kilometres
of the asteroid. Hold that position.
Mr Data, report.
I have been scanning the area
where we detected
the signature of the Pegasus.
From the strength of the signature,
it appears the warp core is intact.
If we're lucky, the entire
Engineering section is there.
But how do we get to it? I wouldn't
transport through so much solid rock.
Agreed. What about a shuttle?
Send it through a fissure.
I would recommend against it.
There may be gravometric fluctuations
inside the asteroid
which would overpower the engines.
Sounds like the best solution
is to take the Enterprise in.
- Into the asteroid?
- That's right.
Put this fissure on the main viewer.
This chasm is large enough.
Besides, to salvage the Pegasus,
we'll need a starship.
Mr Data?
It is theoretically possible, sir.
But I am unaware
of any prior situations
where a starship
was taken so deeply inside.
There may be unforeseen difficulties.
- We can't risk...
- I've made my decision.
Prepare to take the Enterprise in,
That's an order.
Mr Data, note in the ship's log
that this action is being taken
over my explicit objection.
It is so noted, sir.
- Yellow alert.
- Inertial dampers at maximum.
Ensign Gates,
plot a course into the chasm,
manoeuvring thrusters only.
- Course plotted, sir.
- Take us in.
We are two kilometres
beneath the surface.
Captain, we are encountering
shifts in the magnetic-field density.
If this passage narrows
to less than 500 metres,
I will abort the mission.
Charge me with insubordination,
but I won't risk the Enterprise.
I'm reading a large resonance
signature directly ahead.
- Pegasus.
- What the hell happened?
Sensors show the ship is intact.
However, 65 percent of it
is within the asteroid.
Looks as if half the ship
materialised inside solid rock.
Yes, sir. I do not understand
how this could happen.
Keep speculation to a minimum
and begin the operation.
The equipment was in
Main Engineering. Scan that section.
The starboard bulkhead
is contained within the rock face.
Most of its compartment is intact.
There is a hull breach.
If we begin a power transfer,
can we restore life-support systems
to that compartment?
I believe so. The breach
can be sealed by our shields.
See to it.
Once you restore life support,
Cmdr Riker and I will beam aboard.
I would like a complete team.
There is some sensitive equipment.
I don't want
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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