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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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't find
anything and we can return later.
- If it doesn't...
- We'll have handed them the Pegasus.
- Ionisation pulse complete.
- Helm, one-quarter impulse. Engage.
The Romulans are initiating
a tachyon scan of the asteroid.
They have switched to their lateral
sensors. Beginning another scan.
They're being thorough.
The warbird has completed its sweep.
If they found the signature,
they should be sending away teams
any second.
They are moving out.
Mr Data, we must convince the
Romulans that we're still looking.
- Continue scanning this system.
- Aye, sir.
I want to be back at this asteroid
at 0800 tomorrow.
- Plan your search accordingly.
- Aye.
Admiral, care to join me
for some late dinner?
Please excuse me. I'll turn in early.
You have the bridge, Number One.
Will you bring the scan analysis
to my quarters?
Aye, sir.
- Initiate search of grid 163.
- Beginning sensor sweeps.
Commander, I want to see you
in the Captain's ready room.
- Mr Data, you have the bridge.
- Aye, sir.
What is the matter with you? Destroy
the Pegasus before looking at it?
- I thought it was more important...
- Well, you were wrong!
We can change the balance of power
but we can't do that
if we destroy the Pegasus, can we?
No, sir.
It hasn't been easy for you,
keeping your captain in the dark.
I haven't enjoyed it,
if that's what you mean.
I hope you understand it's necessary.
I understand
that you think it's necessary.
You have changed.
Something the Captain and I
were talking about.
To be honest,
I'm glad to see this change.
State your opinion and stand by it.
It's a far cry from the young man
who worried
about pressing the wrong button.
A lot of things can change
in 12 years, Admiral.
Yes, they can.
But it's important that a man
changes the right things,
not his sense of duty,
not his sense of loyalty.
I'd like to think
that I haven't changed those things.
I would like to think that, too.
Because those things say more about
a man than the rank on his collar.
They define him.
12 years ago, a lot of older officers
turned away from their duty,
but you stood for what was right.
I'm sorry, Will.
I know the kind of man you are.
I know that I can count on you again.
The scan analysis you asked for.
Thank you.
- Is there something else, sir?
- Yes, there is.
"Judge Advocate General's report,
stardate 36764."
"Subject, inquiry into mutiny
aboard USS Pegasus."
"Based on testimony
from Capt Pressman and others,
the Judge Advocate believes
there is sufficient evidence
to conclude that members of the crew
did mutiny against the Captain
just prior to the destruction
of the Pegasus."
Mutiny on a Federation starship?
That's shocking. It's unthinkable.
Yet you've never mentioned it.
No, sir.
You know, it wasn't easy
to get this report.
I had to pull in quite a few favours
just to look at it.
It seems that it was classified
by Starfleet Intelligence.
So, not only was the Pegasus
carrying sensitive equipment,
which must not
fall into Romulan hands,
not only
was there a mysterious explosion
which seemed
to destroy the ship but didn't...
...but it seems there was a mutiny.
I've read the official report
of the inquiry on that mutiny
but I want your version
of what happened.
I was on the bridge.
The ship was at yellow alert.
We were running tests on
the engines. Something went wrong.
There was an explosion
in Engineering. Heavy casualties.
The First Officer, Engineering Chief
and most of the bridge crew
mutinied against Capt Pressman.
They thought he jeopardised the ship.
And you?
I was seven months out
of the Academy, my head ringing
with words like "duty" and "honour".
When they turned on him,
I thought they were
a bunch of disloyal officers.
I grabbed a phaser
and I defended my captain.
Two or three others joined us
but it was clear by then
that the mutineers
had most of the crew behind them.
We felt a need
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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