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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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You command the Enterprise,
I command the mission.
We'll need the metallurgical specs
to set up search parameters.
I'll make the information available.
Very well. Lay in a course
for the Devolin system.
Aye, sir.
Captain, we are approaching
the Devolin system.
- Any sign of the Romulans?
- No, sir.
They're out there,
waiting to see what you'll do.
Mr La Forge?
There's an awful lot
of ionising radiation.
That will slow down our search.
- How slow?
- I'd say...
Romulan warbird decloaking ahead.
- They are powering weapons.
- Shields up. Red alert.
- Prepare phasers.
- Sir, they are hailing us.
On screen.
I am Cmdr Sirol
of the Romulan vessel Terix.
To whom do I have
the honour of speaking?
I am Capt Jean-Luc Picard
of the Enterprise.
Capt Picard.
I've heard much about you.
A pleasure
to make your acquaintance.
I hope our sudden appearance
didn't startle you.
Not at all.
But your unannounced appearance
might have unfortunate consequences.
It would be a shame
if your ship were damaged due
to some misunderstanding.
I am touched by your concern
for my ship,
but I doubt
we were ever in any danger.
May I ask what you are doing here?
I might ask you the same.
We are conducting
a survey of gaseous anomalies.
How interesting. So are we.
Perhaps we could combine
our efforts and share our findings.
I doubt our objectives
are compatible.
Perhaps you're right.
This has been most pleasant,
but we must return to our research.
Then I won't keep you.
Sir, they are moving off,
resuming their tachyon scans.
Stand down red alert,
but keep tracking their movements.
Aye, sir.
Commander, how long
to search the system?
At least seven days.
And the Romulans
have a two-day head start.
Let's get to it, Mr Data.
Initiating sensor sweep
of grid zero one.
- How long have you had that beard?
- Four years.
I got tired of hearing
how young I looked.
What was it that Lt Boylen
used to call you?
Ensign Baby Face.
You never did have
much of a sense of humour.
I like to think
that I've lightened up.
- Really?
- I've told a joke or two.
It's about time. You were
always so serious on the Pegasus.
We went through some serious times.
Do you think we'll find the Pegasus?
I wouldn't have come if I didn't.
What about the experiment?
Do you think we'll find that?
I think a lot about what happened,
especially on that last day.
So do I. It's not
the kind of thing you just forget.
Do you ever wonder
if we did the right thing?
Never. What happened was a tragedy
but it wasn't your fault or mine.
What we did was for the Federation.
We can't blame ourselves
if the others couldn't see that.
I know, but maybe we went about it
the wrong way.
This time we may have a chance
to do it the right way.
If we're successful, if we find
the Pegasus and the experiment,
we can finish
what we started 12 years ago.
- You want to try it again?
- Not just me.
The Chief of Starfleet Security
has given me her complete support.
Admiral Ranar? How many
other people know about this?
Not many and we must make sure
it stays that way.
Ranar has given me orders for you,
coded in the computer.
You've been instructed not to reveal
our mission to anyone else,
not even Capt Picard.
Will, don't worry.
It won't be like it was 12 years ago.
And this time,
no one's gonna stop us.
As a matter of fact,
I never met Will until he reported
on board at Farpoint Station.
You chose your first officer
without ever meeting him?
I was looking through
the records of 50 candidates
and Will's was very much
like all the others,
filled with lots of dry statistics
and glowing letters of recommendation
that tell you nothing.
I was about to put it aside
and look at another file,
and then something caught my eye.
There was an incident on Altair III
when Will was on the Hood.
He refused to let Capt DeSoto
beam down during a crisis.
He disobeyed a direct order
and he risked a
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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