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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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Why does the scanner
read her as human?
Because she has a processor
designed to send out a false signal.
It's part of her ageing program.
Not only does she age in appearance
like Data,
her vital signs change, too.
What I can't figure out
is why she lost consciousness.
As far as I can see, everything
is fine. She should be awake.
Check her positronic matrix.
There may be a cascade anomaly.
You said you knew
she was an android. How?
The first indication
was when we were digging.
I saw her perform complex
calculations without the computer.
That could've meant
she was good at math.
True, but it was enough
to get my attention.
Later, I noticed something odd
about the way she blinked.
The intervals between blinks were
governed by the Fourier system,
the same formula my father used
to give my blinking
the appearance of randomness.
Only you could have noticed that.
- Then the concert in ten-forward.
- What about it?
We had practised the piece.
She played it the same way
during the performance.
Every pitch, every intonation,
was exactly the same.
Only an artificial life form
could have done that.
- Does her husband know?
- I do not believe so.
He is on the surface monitoring
the plasma infusion.
Probably just as well.
Data, come take a look at this.
It appears to be
an information module.
With a holographic interface.
Whoever you are,
you must've found out about Juliana.
That is correct.
I programmed this hologram to answer
any questions you might have.
I am Noonien Soong.
- I created her.
- I am Data.
I hoped somehow it would be you.
I even created a response program
to answer your questions.
- How are you, boy?
- I am fine.
I'm glad you got the chance
to meet your mother.
You refer to Dr Tainer as my mother.
Yet the complexity of her design
indicates she was created after me.
You're right.
But there was
a real Juliana O'Donnell.
She was my wife.
She helped me create you.
What happened to her?
She was injured...
...when the Crystalline Entity
We made it as far as Terlina III
...she slipped into a coma.
When I realised nothing could be
done for her, I built an android.
I tried to perfect
my synaptic scanning techniques
so that I could transfer
Juliana's memories
into a positronic matrix.
Didn't know if it would work
but I had to try.
I couldn't stand the thought of
losing the only woman I ever loved.
A few days after Juliana died,
I activated the android.
She looked up at me and smiled.
She recognised me. It had worked!
Here was a life, not two minutes old,
and as far as she knew,
I was her husband.
She'd just recovered
from a terrible injury.
It was incredible.
- Then you never told her the truth?
- Why?
There was no reason for her to know.
I wanted her to be happy.
I wanted us to be happy.
We were.
- For a while.
- What happened?
I made a terrible mistake.
I never really let her know
how much I loved her.
So she left me.
The real Juliana would have left,
too, if she'd lived.
If she recovers
and learns she is an android...
She doesn't have to know.
I designed her to shut down in
the event the truth was discovered.
When you put that chip back in,
she will wake up
and remember nothing.
All you have to do is make up
some excuse about what happened.
You do not believe
she should know the truth?
The truth?
The truth is,
in every way that matters...
...she is Juliana Soong.
I programmed her to terminate
after a long life.
Let her live out her days,
and die believing she was human.
Don't rob her of that, son.
It seems
that I must make a decision.
Whether to tell Dr Tainer
that she is an android
or to withhold that information
from her.
I do not know what to do.
Why was Dr Soong
so adamant that she not be told?
He seemed certain
it would preclude her being happy.
- Data, what do you think?
- I am not certain.
I understand why my father
felt as he did
but his
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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