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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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away from the target site.
Stand by to terminate the beam.
- We've broken through.
- Now.
I detect no signs of instability.
Commander, set up the infusion unit
in the first magma pocket
and give this one a chance to cool.
- Data, transporter room two.
- Acknowledged.
I have initialised the plasma coils.
I need another minute
to align the diverter.
There are signs of stress
in the surrounding magma.
But the site should remain stable
until we finish the infusion.
Good. We're almost through here.
Juliana told me what she said
last night.
She's upset. I don't blame you
for being angry.
- I am incapable of anger.
- It's alright, Pran.
I know what I said
was hard for you to hear.
But I hope you understand
my reasons.
I am not certain I do.
Perhaps you could clarify them.
I'll try. What do you want to know?
If I had been your biological
offspring, would you have left me?
How can I answer that?
Dr Tainer, I get the impression
you are trying to spare my feelings.
I assure you, that is not necessary.
I don't want you to misunderstand
my answer.
No, I wouldn't have left you
if you'd been biological.
Do you place more value on
biological life than artificial life?
Absolutely not.
I cherished every android
your father and I created
as if it were my child, even Lore.
He turned on us
and did dreadful things,
but dismantling him
was very difficult.
I was afraid that if you were like
him, I'd have to dismantle you, too.
And I couldn't bear to do that.
I'm not trying to justify
leaving you behind.
I'm just sorry I did.
I hope you believe me.
I do. Thank you
for making it clear to me.
Why do you want Dr Tainer's records?
Is something wrong with her?
I was hoping you could determine that
from her trace pattern.
Probably I could.
But I don't check
medical status without a good reason.
Doctor. I would ask that you not
require me to be more specific.
I assure you,
I have a good reason for asking.
Alright, Data.
At first glance, I see nothing wrong.
Except for mild hypertension,
normal for a woman her age.
I see.
Maybe you should tell me
what her symptoms are.
She has not complained of discomfort.
Then why do you want
to see her medical records?
Because I believe
she is not who she claims to be.
- Bridge to Data.
- Go ahead, sir.
There's been a cave-in.
Go to transporter room two.
On my way. Excuse me, Doctor.
What happened?
They were running a final check
when part of a wall gave way.
It looks like it has stabilised,
but stress is building up.
The pocket will collapse.
- How long, Geordi?
- Tough to tell. 12 hours at most.
Then we must configure the unit
and inject the plasma.
I'd rather not send anyone down.
If you don't, it may take months
to find another suitable site.
- The core may solidify.
- We have to act now.
Alright. I want you in and out
- Acknowledged.
- You're hurt. I'll go.
There will be more seismic activity.
We must hurry.
The shaft has not been obstructed
by seismic activity.
It should be possible
to trigger the unit from orbit.
A fuse is damaged. We have to start
programming all over again.
Priming the energy-transfer matrix.
the particle-stream buffer.
- Riker to Data. Are you there?
- Go ahead.
We're reading an increase
in seismic stress.
Understood, sir. We will attempt
to expedite our work.
There. Now, we just have to realign
the diverter.
Data, are you alright?
Yes, sir. We will return
to the beam-out point shortly.
That's it. Let's go.
Can we transport
without pattern enhancers?
No, we are too far below the surface.
How are we going to get down there?
There are no handholds in the rock.
- We have to jump.
- No.
- It's too far. I won't make it.
- You will.
she's a Soong-type android,
except she's designed to fool you
into thinking she's human.
She has tear ducts, sweat glands,
even veins and capillaries
underneath her skin.
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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