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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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Good work. I don't think
it could have been cleaner.
We have Data to thank for that.
His figures were perfect.
The drilling
has increased the temperature
by almost 300 degrees Celsius.
It will be several hours before
it cools enough for us to enter.
- Data, do you have any plans?
- I do not.
Maybe we should spend
a little time together.
I'd love to see your quarters.
Thank you. I will be playing
this piece at a recital tomorrow.
That was beautiful.
I am told my playing is technically
flawless but never beautiful.
It was, really.
Are you saying this
because you are my mother?
I notice that parents exaggerate
their children's accomplishments.
I suppose there's an amount
of vanity involved,
considering that giving you
a creative aspect was my idea.
Your father
didn't really see the point.
He thought that, without emotions,
there would be no need
for you to express yourself.
Somehow, I had the feeling
that the opposite would be true.
I do not know for certain,
but I believe it is during
my creative endeavours
that I come closest to experiencing
what it must be like to be human.
Well, I'm glad I insisted.
As am I.
I am very familiar
with that Handel piece.
How would you feel about
my playing the viola part tomorrow?
- I would like that very much.
- I'd have to practise.
- You don't have a viola?
- I could replicate one.
Computer, please replicate one viola.
- Did you paint these?
- Yes.
I am attempting to master
all known styles of painting.
This one is in the style
of the French lmpressionists.
It's very good.
Who's this?
- That is Lal, my daughter.
- Your daughter?
I created her,
using myself as a model.
Where is she now?
The positronic matrix I designed
was unstable.
- She only lived a short time.
- I see.
In a sense,
you were her grandmother.
- Would you like to practise now?
- Yes, of course.
The acoustics in ten-forward
are most favourable.
Yes, very nice.
Data, may I ask you something?
Of course.
Do you think you will ever try
to create an android again?
I created Lal
because I wished to procreate.
Despite what happened to her,
I still have that wish.
But how do you know
the same thing won't happen?
Creating a stable positron matrix
is very tricky.
Your father lost several prototypes
before Lore.
I was not aware he created others
before my brother.
There were three of them.
They were like children to us.
Losing them was very painful.
When Noonien tried again,
I was against it.
I didn't think we had the right
to bring a life into the world
with so little chance of surviving.
But your father was sure that
he'd figured out what went wrong.
He insisted he could make
a stable matrix, and he did.
But Lore was cruel.
Eventually we had no choice.
We had to dismantle him.
Your father decided to build another
android, who didn't have emotions.
I couldn't believe
he would want to try again.
I am that android.
Are you saying
you were against my creation?
Initially I was, but I was wrong,
I know that now.
I've followed
your progress for years.
I'm very proud
of what you've accomplished.
Then why did you never attempt
to contact me?
Because I felt guilty
about something I'd done.
Perhaps if you told me what that was,
it would alleviate the guilt.
I lied.
When I said there was no room
for you in the escape pod.
There was.
I didn't want to bring you with us.
I was afraid if we reactivated you,
you'd turn out like Lore.
I made Noonien leave you behind.
We are within four kilometres.
We're picking up pulses
along the beam.
We must have hit magnesite ore.
I'll adjust the phaser harmonics.
Data, terminate the beam
if this keeps up.
If we do, we will need
another suitable location.
There is no other location.
Just give me a few seconds.
Doctor, it'll take longer
than that to match the...
You did it.
It was just luck
I hit the right frequency.
We're less than two kilometres
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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