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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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up so far?
The Registrar's Office on Mavala IV
cannot confirm the marriage.
Many documents were lost
when the government was overthrown.
What's that?
I am checking passenger manifests
to see if they went to Mavala IV.
O'Donnell, Juliana.
Soong, Noonien.
They were passengers on a transport
which travelled to Mavala
and returned four days later.
That sure fits with her story.
The fact that they went to Mavala
does not prove they were married.
You know, Data.
It seems you're trying to prove
Dr Tainer wasn't telling the truth.
Not at all.
I am unable to reconcile her story
with the fact
my father never mentioned her.
She did leave him.
Maybe she broke his heart.
Maybe he didn't want
to talk about her.
Let me ask you this. Dr Soong
created an emotion chip for you.
Didn't Lore tell you that chip
contained memories
that Soong wanted you to have?
It is possible those are memories
of my childhood and of Mrs Soong.
Think about it.
Why would she want to lie?
Why pretend to be your mother?
I can think of no motive.
I can understand that this might be
disconcerting for you, Data.
It came out of the blue. It doesn't
fit into your logical processors.
- That is true.
- But that's life.
Part of being human is learning
how to deal with the unexpected.
To risk new experiences even when
they don't fit your preconceptions.
I admit I find it difficult
to accept the possibility of a past
about which I know nothing.
But it is also true that I am curious
to learn more about it.
I would like to get
to know you better, Mother.
I wanted to make you female,
but your father insisted on a son.
We argued endlessly, right up until
we were ready to assemble you.
How did you decide?
Noonien walked in with your head,
and, innocent as you please,
said it was up to me.
He knew what he was doing.
He had made it in his own image.
What could I possibly say?
Deanna Troi,
is that who you're going to visit?
- Yes.
- Your father would be so pleased.
He was worried that
the sexuality program wouldn't work.
You misunderstand.
Counsellor Troi is a therapist.
We will be in position over the site
in three minutes, 29 seconds.
These scans indicate that the magma
pockets are somewhat unstable.
I'll monitor the density of the rock
and adjust the particle beam.
That should minimise
the seismic stress that we generate.
Data, I reconfigured the phasers
to create a highly focused beam.
Thank you, Geordi.
I'm pleased you've got good manners.
It wasn't easy
to strike the right balance.
At first, you couldn't care less
about social niceties
like please and thank you.
You were downright rude, in fact.
Data? That's hard to picture.
That was nothing to the problems
we encountered...
Never mind.
I don't want to embarrass you.
I am incapable of embarrassment.
Please continue.
The one thing
that we couldn't anticipate
was that you didn't seem to mind
about being naked.
Some colonists objected
to an anatomically correct android
running round with no clothes on.
We asked you to dress,
but you didn't feel it was necessary
because you didn't suffer
from the elements.
We had to write a subroutine
to get you to keep your clothes on.
- Riker to Engineering.
- La Forge here. Go ahead.
We've established an orbit
over the drilling site.
Phaser modifications
are on line, sir.
My calculations indicate the first
blast will be 19 seconds in duration.
Someone has checked his calculations,
of course?
No, but Mr Data
knows what he's doing.
Even so, he is a machine.
Someone should check up on him.
I have confidence in Mr Data's
ability to check up on himself.
Mr Worf.
- Phasers locked on target.
- Fire when ready.
We are within two kilometres
of the magma pocket.
Another five seconds should do it.
- We've broken through.
- Terminating the beam.
The pocket seems stable.
I detect no increase
in the stress levels of the magma.
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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