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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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disperse verteron probes merely
to disable warp-driven ships.
Call it what you like.
You disguised your probes.
You hid them as signal markers
in the debris field.
You mined the Corridor!
Mr La Forge, how long will it take
to restore the engines?
They overloaded our field coils.
It'll take at least 36 hours.
I know how our pulse
affected your field coils.
With my help, you could be
operational in ten hours,
provided you agree
to review our research.
Because of the seriousness of your
claim, I will listen to your case.
But our priority
is the recovery of the Fleming.
I expect you to help us
restore our engines
and deactivate the remaining probes.
If you do not, you will both be taken
to the nearest starbase,
where you will answer charges.
My sister and I do not wish
to impede the rescue...
- Rabal, the probes are our leverage!
- Serova.
We will do as you ask, Captain.
But please, re-examine our data.
We will. It is our job
to retain an open mind,
even under these circumstances.
Take them to Engineering.
Get the core on line.
- Yes, sir.
- Mr Data, review their research.
I want your report
as soon as possible.
There. Shields have been restored.
You can re-engage engines
in approximately eight hours.
Even when we get the engines on line,
it will take a week
to recalibrate them properly.
I'm sorry you've been inconvenienced.
But it's only an inconvenience.
Our concerns are more important
than your engines.
If the Fleming had been
on an emergency mission
your plan might have cost lives.
That didn't happen. And saving lives
is what we're trying to do.
In an interesting way.
There's no point talking to you.
You've already decided not to listen.
I know my sister
can be somewhat aggravating.
- I'd have to agree.
- Try to understand.
She believes profoundly
in this cause.
She is dedicated to exposing
the dangers of warp drive.
Warp drive has been around for three
centuries. It's a proven technology.
You sound like I did, four years ago.
- You didn't believe her?
- No.
I didn't realise
how brilliant my sister is.
It took two years for me to even
grasp the principles of her theories.
- They're that sophisticated.
- Our Cmdr Data's no slouch.
If there's anything there,
he'll find it.
I hope so. Once Starfleet stops
warp travel through the Corridor,
our own people
will have to give up warp drive.
Hekaras II is the only
inhabited world in this region.
Without warp drive
you'd be completely isolated.
Are you really willing
to take that step?
Yes. And if you were in my position,
I hope you'd be willing
to do the same thing.
Serova and Rabal believe there are
regions of subspace instability
in the Corridor. If these regions
continue to be exposed
to warp-field energy,
they will rupture.
Subspace will extrude
into normal space, forming a rift.
Like walking on the same piece
of carpet, wearing it out.
- That analogy is correct.
- Can this theory be proven?
Not at this time.
There is insufficient evidence.
To determine
whether a rift will form,
a region must be exposed
to energy one million times greater
than that of a starship.
We believe the effect is cumulative.
Each starship that passes through
at warp brings us closer to a rift.
That is a possibility. I suggest
we ask the Federation Science Council
to send a research vessel.
A more detailed investigation
will resolve this.
That's your response?
More research. More delays.
I shouldn't have expected
any different.
- Bridge to Capt Picard.
- Go ahead.
We've located the Fleming
approximately 0.3 light years away.
- What's her condition?
- The vessel seems intact.
They have shields.
But their subspace systems are out.
We'll be under way
when our engines are on line.
I would like you
to put together a research proposal.
I will give it
my full recommendation.
I appreciate the opportunity.
It's a beginning we...
Not "we". You can do whatever
you want. I'll have no
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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