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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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directly to the brain stem.
Some kind of coercive device?
Whatever it is,
I doubt it's for our health.
What is going on here?
If you tell us why we're hostages...
You're not hostages.
You are prisoners.
Prisoners on whose authority?
You're being held
by the Prytt Security Ministry.
The charge is
conspiring with the enemy.
- Enemy? The Kes?
- We're not fools.
We are aware of the attempted
alliance with the Kes.
It will not be tolerated.
Your information is incorrect.
We have no plans...
There is no point
in trying to mislead us.
The devices in your cerebral cortexes
will soon be
calibrated to your psi-wave pattern.
At that time, we will get
the information we need.
Then you'll discover
we're telling the truth.
We shall see.
Nothing is wrong
with the transporter.
I have run a complete diagnostic
of all the components.
Then what happened?
the transporter sensor log
shows a concentration of antigraviton
particles in the emitter coil.
A concentration of antigraviton
particles suggests a tractor beam.
It might have deflected the beam
to a different set of coordinates.
Is there a way to locate them?
The tractor beam
originated in the Prytt alliance.
What does the Prytt want?
I don't know.
It won't be easy to find out.
The Prytt have consistently refused
all outside contact.
We'll have to work through the Kes.
Contact Ambassador Mauric.
Tell him I want a meeting.
- What?
- What?
You're staring at me.
I was thinking about how to get out.
- There may be a structural flaw.
- Right.
The important thing
during any confinement
is to think positively.
There is a way out of every box,
a solution to every puzzle.
Well, at least this means
we won't starve to death.
It means they plan on keeping us.
I'm beginning to think negatively.
- My tricorder.
- Does it work?
Yes. Except something's been added
to the main directory.
- It's a map.
- An escape route.
That guard must work for the Kes.
Possibly. Or it could be part
of a carefully laid trap.
If you ask me,
I'd like to take my chances.
Agreed. Is there a way
to open the cell door?
Yes, the code's been entered.
Commander, on behalf
of my government, I would like
to present my profound apologies
regarding this incident.
That's very kind.
But no one holds you
or the Kes government responsible.
Our concern is not to assign blame
but to recover our officers.
I agree.
We are prepared to insert
a hostage-rescue team
on three hours' notice.
We have not attempted
a diplomatic effort yet.
I won't use force
before trying other options.
I don't believe
there is any diplomatic option.
We have no formal relations
with the Prytt, no ambassadors,
simply no way to contact them.
Surely you must have
in the case of a planetary emergency.
We have never had the need.
We can find their communications
frequency and establish a link.
Allow me to be blunt.
The Prytt are fanatical xenophobes
with little regard for discourse.
Even if you establish communication,
it will be a waste of time.
How long has it been since
your last diplomatic contact?
- Almost a century.
- It's possible they have changed.
We have had other,
less formal contacts with the Prytt.
Contacts we cannot discuss.
I can assure you,
they have changed very little.
With all due respect, Ambassador,
I should try to communicate
before I sanction the use of force.
Of course, Commander.
In the meantime, I will
prepare for a rescue mission.
- Agreed.
- I do have one request.
We believe the Prytt obtained
the information about the transport
through a breach
of our communications network.
If I could establish a base
on the Enterprise...
...l'd feel more secure.
- Mr Worf will help you.
- Thank you, Lieutenant.
You first.
Is there a problem, Ambassador?
Probably not.
Simply securing the area.
I assure you, there is no need.
I'm sure you're right.
Yes, this will do very nicely.
As Security Chief
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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