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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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I'll see you later.
Counsellor, I hope
your mother gets better.
Thank you, Hedril. So do I.
I just don't understand
how she fits into all this.
I haven't found a physiological
problem with your mother.
Maybe Maques was right.
Your mother's condition was
precipitated by a traumatic event.
Could this event
have involved Hedril?
I doubt it.
My mother never mentioned her.
Does your mother keep personal logs
or a journal?
Yes, she does.
I'll contact Mr Homn on Betazed
and ask him to transmit a copy.
There may be some clues there.
Perhaps we are being too literal.
I have learned
in my study of dream analysis
that people who appear in a dream
can represent aspects
of the person dreaming.
That's right. A child might
represent vulnerability.
Hedril may depict a fragile part
of my mother.
A part that she's protecting.
You said everything you encountered
in her mind was some kind of barrier.
Yes. You, the wolf, my father.
It was as though she were summoning
all her defences to keep me away.
But keep me away from what?
What is she protecting?
Come in.
Hello, Captain.
I've just come from sickbay.
Dr Crusher feels that
your mother's condition is worsening.
Her neural foundations
are getting weaker.
- Have you had any luck here?
- No, nothing.
I went through her belongings, read
her journal for the last five years.
Other than the fact
that I'm not married yet,
nothing bad seems to have happened.
Is this your father?
He had a kind face.
I remember when he died,
my mother had to go through
all his things and pack them away.
I was seven.
I remember thinking how mad he'd be
when he saw what she'd done.
I didn't understand
he wasn't coming back.
Your mother
might still come out of this.
If we can't figure out
what's wrong with her, Captain,
I don't think she will.
But I don't know what else to do.
I've talked with Mr Homn,
who's known her for years.
I've checked her medical records,
I've made inquiries
to the government on Betazed,
I've contacted her closest friends.
If she's been through a psychic
trauma, there's no evidence of it.
You reviewed her journals
for the past five years.
- Maybe we should go further back.
- That's a lot to review.
She's kept a journal
since before she married.
Then let's start at the beginning.
- First entry is stardate 30620.1.
- That's the year they were married.
That's odd.
There's a seven-year gap.
It starts
about a year after the wedding.
If I'm not mistaken, it ends
a few months after your birth.
She's so diligent about her journal.
Why would she stop making entries?
She didn't. The files were deleted,
by your mother, almost 30 years ago.
I don't understand any of this.
Captain, I have to go back inside
my mother's mind.
It's the only way
we'll ever get any answers.
Thank you.
Deanna, you understand if your
paracortical readings get too high,
I'm going to tell Maques
to sever the connection.
I know.
- Hedril, be careful!
- Who is Hedril?
Wait! I want to talk to you!
Help me!
Help me!
- Go.
- Mother?
Go away.
No. I want to help you.
Why did you delete
parts of your journal?
Did something happen
you don't want me to know about?
Leave me alone, please!
Who's Hedril, Mother?
Why is she here?
Is Hedril me as a little girl?
No. I'd never let anything
happen to you. Never.
Did you let
something happen to someone?
Was it here at EI'nar?
You were just a baby.
Tell me. Whatever it is,
we can face it together.
I can't.
You can. We can.
Help me.
- Help me, Pappa.
- Here.
Please don't make me
go through this again.
- Hold on. Don't let him run off.
- I won't.
Mommy, can we play by the water?
No, Kestra, stay here with us.
Kestra! You've made the baby cry.
No, don't cry, Deanna.
Don't cry. Mommy's here.
- Mommy, please?
- No, Kestra.
- We're going to eat.
- What's wrong, little one?
Tell Mommy what's wrong.
lan, she's teething.
Now, where's her
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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