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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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Has she mentioned anything traumatic
that happened to her lately?
No, nothing.
Maques could be wrong about this.
There's a chance a subneural scan
might pinpoint a physiological cause
for her condition,
something I might be able to treat.
The results won't be in
until morning.
We should all try
and get some rest.
I'd like to stay here with her.
I'm going to try
and contact her telepathically.
Mother, can you hear me?
Please come back to me. Please.
- Help me.
- Mother?
- Help me!
- How? How can I help you?
Tell me, Mother.
Computer, lights.
What are you doing?!
Maques, what were you doing
in sickbay?
Trying to help Lwaxana.
How? What were you trying to do?
I was...
She was...
- You, Deanna. Maybe you.
- Yes?
You must...
- How can I explain?
- Tell me telepathically.
Maques believes my mother's psyche
has collapsed in on itself,
that she has retreated
into her metaconscious mind.
- Was he trying to contact her?
- Yes.
He was able to access images
generated by her metaconscious
but could make no
sense of them.
I did not understand.
He saw faces he didn't know
and events he couldn't interpret.
If we can decipher the images,
we might be able to determine
if her condition was trauma induced.
Maques feels he can provide
a telepathic bridge,
so I can access
my mother's metaconscious.
If he can, I may find out
what happened to her.
If you succeed, can you use that
to help your mother?
I'm not sure, but I do know
part of her wants to be helped.
When I tried to contact her,
I heard a voice calling out to me.
If her psyche has
collapsed in on itself,
could accessing her mind
pose any danger to you?
There's no way to know.
I'd like to try.
I'll be monitoring her
throughout the procedure.
If anything goes wrong, Maques
can break the telepathic link.
Your mother,
part of her is very frightened.
She may resist you.
I understand.
- Help me!
- Mother?
Help me!
- Can you hear me?
- Captain?
Dr Crusher's concerned that your
paracortical readings are erratic.
Are you talking from sickbay?
Yes. Sever your connection
to your mother.
- Why don't you ask Maques to do it?
- I'm asking you.
That is an order, Counsellor.
You're not Capt Picard.
Leave me alone, please.
This isn't real.
None of this is real.
Look at you!
You've become a beautiful woman.
Don't do this.
I'm sorry I had to go away when you
were so little. I didn't want to.
You're not my father.
You're part of my mother's mind.
What is this place?
This is our house near Lake EI'nar
on Betazed. We used to live here.
Deanna, let's not waste this chance.
I want to hear everything about you.
Did I live here?
For a while when you were a baby.
You were such a beautiful baby.
Your mother and I loved you so much.
I don't remember these toys.
I bet you don't remember me singing
you to sleep at night, but I did.
I do remember.
I always felt safe
when you sang to me.
There was one song
you always asked me to sing.
You couldn't sleep
unless you heard it.
- Down in the Valley.
- Yes.
Down in the valley
Valley so low
Hang your head over
Hear the wind blow
No, you're just trying to keep me
here. Keep me from finding something.
Your mother doesn't want to see you.
I have to help her.
If you want to help her, leave.
Let her have peace.
She called out to me.
She does want me to help.
Stay with me, just a little while.
Deanna, it's been so long.
We'll never have this chance again.
Goodbye, Daddy.
Get away from her!
I asked your father to bring you here
because I want to talk to you.
- You know Lwaxana's sick, don't you?
- Yes. Is it my fault?
No. Not at all.
But I believe she's been thinking
about you. Do you know why?
I make her sad.
- Why do you say that?
- Because it's true.
Do you have any idea why Hedril
would make my mother sad?
Well, thank you for talking to
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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