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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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my vocal enhancer.
It helps me make sounds.
I see you've already met
my star pupil.
Hedril's picked up spoken language
faster than the others.
Children often learn languages
more easily than adults.
Deanna was good at languages
when she was little. Where is she?
Well, she must be here somewhere.
Hedril, darling, I...
Go find your father, dear.
I want to talk to him.
Mrs Troi?
I'm just a little tired.
This constant telepathy
with the Cairn...
I'm fine, really.
Aren't you going to mingle,
Mr Woof?
I do not care for telepaths.
They make me uneasy.
Don't worry. The Cairn couldn't read
your thoughts even if they wanted to.
Your brain
isn't sophisticated enough.
Neither is yours, dear.
They could only communicate
with other telepaths.
Have either of you seen Deanna?
She was working, but said
she would be... Speak of the devil.
Sorry, I lost track of time.
Deanna, come with me.
I want you to meet the senior
diplomat of the Cairn delegation.
Maques, this is the beautiful
daughter I told you about, Deanna.
Pleased to...
Hello. Pleased to meet you.
Ah, yes. That is it.
Pleased to meet you, Deanna.
Good. I'll just let
you young people chat.
Well, Maques, what do you think
of the Enterprise?
It is beautiful.
Comfortable, also.
I'm glad you think so.
There is another word
that describes it.
But I cannot remember.
You've learned a lot
in a very short time.
It won't be long before your words
do justice to your thoughts.
Your mother told me of your need.
A moment.
Husband. You need a husband.
I need a wife.
Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages
of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission,
to explore strange new worlds...
...to seek out new life
and new civilisations...
...to boldly go
where no one has gone before.
Good morning.
- So, what did you think of Maques?
- Why did you do that?
- You embarrassed both of us.
- He's really very sweet.
And lonely, poor man.
A widower, raising a child alone.
- Mother, don't start.
- It's time for you to settle down.
If your father were alive,
I'm sure he'd say the same thing.
Deck eight.
But you'll do exactly
what you want. Just like always.
Mother, stop it!
Are you coming?
What's wrong?
You are so precious to me.
You're all I've got.
If something happened to you,
what would I do?
Nothing's going to happen to me.
You'd better go.
My first appointment
isn't for a few minutes. Let's talk.
No, I'm fine.
I'm tired from working with
the Cairn. It's making me emotional.
Are you sure?
Go on. I'll see you later.
Go on.
I must apologise for yesterday.
- You don't have to.
- My words, they were confused.
It wasn't your fault. Please.
My mother misled you.
Not in everything.
She has an image of you...
...in her mind.
She shared it with me.
You are even more beautiful.
The way my people communicate,
it is direct.
Nothing is hidden.
Your mother is the first
to learn our telepathy.
You've never had telepathy
with someone who wasn't Cairn?
To communicate with her
is very different.
In what way?
Always there is a part of her that...
A part of her that is dark.
A part of her that cannot be seen.
Do you understand?
I'm not sure.
Have you asked my mother about this?
She called it...
A moment.
Of course.
You said, among the Cairn,
nothing is hidden.
We value honesty,
but we don't always share everything
we think and feel.
This is privacy?
- It is normal?
- For us, yes.
If this is your way...
...I am relieved.
It is our "way".
I will leave now.
I'm glad you stopped by.
I'm glad to have stopped also.
I was all set for another argument,
but suddenly she just fell apart.
She's under stress. She's preparing
the Cairn to meet the Federation.
It's more than that. I'm sensing
some very erratic emotions from her.
Even her clothes are unusual.
They're so subdued.
Maybe you need to talk with
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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