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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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or a hallucination.
But you're not human.
I think it might be
a technological problem.
I have run
three complete self-diagnostics.
All of my systems
are functioning normally.
Perhaps Dr Freud was correct.
The knife embodies my unconscious
desire to inflict violence.
Data, even Freud said,
sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
But the bottom line is,
you're developing an obsessive
interest in your inner workings.
I'd almost call it
the beginnings of a neurosis.
- That is not possible.
- Why not?
You've eliminated
all the technical explanations.
It makes sense
that as your neural net
becomes more complex, more human,
you might experience
the same psychological complexities
as a human.
Do you really think so?
Data, you must be the first person
in my office
excited at the prospect
of a new neurosis.
But, yes, it is possible.
I'd like to start
counselling you regularly.
- Daily?
- No, we'll start weekly.
As a first step, I'd like you
to shut down your dream program,
just to be safe.
Give yourself a chance
to reflect on this experience.
Thank you, Counsellor.
I look forward to our next meeting.
Next time,
see me before you see Sigmund.
- Admiral, I can explain...
- Let me guess.
Your new warp core
is malfunctioning again?
Unfortunately, the problem
has affected our impulse systems.
At the moment, we are adrift.
Are you expecting to fix this soon,
or shall we send a tow ship
to bring you in?
That is not necessary.
I have confidence in my engineers.
I will be at the banquet on time.
Picard out.
Have you reconfigured
the plasma conduits?
Yes, Captain. Two hours ago.
What about the relays?
Are you certain you don't need
a new phase inverter?
I am running
a level-three diagnostic.
We will have the results
in ten minutes.
I see.
Perhaps I could refigure
these isolinear chips.
No, sir, please don't touch that.
Captain, Cmdr Data and I
have the situation under control.
If you let us take care of it,
it would go faster.
Captain, we could use an extra hand
moving the containment pods.
- If it wouldn't be an imposition.
- No, I'd be delighted.
Good work, Tyler.
I thought he'd never leave.
Data, give me a hand
with this plasma conduit...
Deck 36.
Hello, Data.
Are you alright?
- What are you doing?
- Hold very still, Counsellor.
Ever since you gave Alexander
that music,
he's been playing it
all night, every night.
I just wanted to broaden
his horizons. He likes it.
It is screeching, pounding
dissonance. It is not music.
Worf, it's better than music,
it's jazz.
- Medical emergency, deck 17.
- We're on our way.
I believe
I had another waking dream, sir.
But this time,
I had an uncontrollable urge
to eliminate the image.
And what you saw was some sort
of mouth on Troi's shoulder?
Yes, sir.
For a reason I cannot explain,
I had the need to destroy it.
Did you see a mouth
on my head as well?
No. I saw a straw
coming from your head.
- A straw?
- As I said before,
these are all images I experienced
in my dream program.
I do not have
a rational explanation.
Mr La Forge?
We've run every possible diagnostic
on Data's positronic net.
We can't find anything wrong.
I could run a subpolymer scan
but it would take time.
Make it so.
In the meantime, Mr Data,
I'll have to relieve you of duty
and confine you to your quarters.
A sensible precaution, sir.
Deanna, you're in sickbay.
It's alright.
- Data...
- He's not here.
Try to relax.
This pad healed the wound
but you've lost a lot of blood.
I would like you to lie still.
That's odd. There shouldn't be
any discoloration after treatment.
- This looks like a rash.
- What is it?
I'm picking up cellular degradation.
But it doesn't appear to be related
to the lacerations.
There's also some kind
of residual interphasic signature.
Bring me an interphasic scanner.
I want a closer look at this.
I will have to confiscate
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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