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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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human experience.
- It is a possibility.
But I want to make sure there
are no anomalies in my neural nets.
You know, I'm curious.
What were you dreaming about?
I have not
fully assimilated its impact.
I would prefer to study the images
before discussing them.
Sounds like
it must have been strange.
Strange is not a sufficient adjective
to describe the experience.
Tell me more about this cake.
It is difficult to explain.
Counsellor Troi's body was a cake.
Her upper body.
Describe the knife
you used to cut the Counsellor.
It had a black handle and serrated
blade. And it was quite long.
- How long?
- 25 centimetres in length.
And what happened next?
One of the workmen
pointed to her right shoulder.
At that moment, I had an
overwhelming urge to cut a piece out.
- And did you?
- Yes.
As I began slicing the cake,
she reacted as though
I was causing her pain.
Yet I could not stop cutting.
That is when I woke up.
Dr Freud, I am curious...
I am curious.
What do my nightmares mean?
I believe
you are experiencing
a classic dismemberment dream.
Or, in your case,
being a mechanical man,
a dismantlement dream.
I do not understand.
Your mechanistic qualities
are trying to reassert themselves
over your human tendencies.
Ego and id,
struggling for domination.
The workmen symbolise
the ever-present id
constantly working
to destroy the ego.
The image of Counsellor Troi,
a female, is devoured by you,
clearly indicating
an unconscious desire
to possess your own mother.
- But I do not have a mother.
- Do not interrupt.
The knife,
in its violent connotation,
suggests a certain feeling
of sexual inadequacy.
But I have no sexual desire.
Impotence on top of everything!
It is all becoming clear to me now.
There might be a paper in this.
I do not believe I am being helped
by this session.
Classic transference.
Your anger towards me is, in fact,
the animosity you feel
towards your father.
You are a polymorphously perverse
individual, Mr Data,
and I recommend full psychoanalysis.
I believe I can fit you in
next Tuesday.
That will not be necessary.
Computer, end program.
Captain, incoming message
from Admiral Nakamura.
On screen.
- Admiral.
- Captain.
We were expecting you this morning.
Is there a problem?
Actually, we have been experiencing
a few difficulties
with our new warp core
but my chief engineer assures me
we'll be under way within the hour.
You're not trying to avoid
this engagement, are you?
No, no. Certainly not.
I'm really looking forward to it.
Good. I'll expect you soon.
Nakamura out.
I think he's on to you, sir.
- La Forge to bridge.
- Go ahead.
We've just started up.
All systems are holding steady.
- Ready when you are.
- Ensign Gates.
Set a course and engage.
Engineering, report.
The warp field has collapsed, sir.
It looks like we've blown
the entire power converter.
Impulse engines are down, too.
We're not going anywhere.
But I know how to fix this.
Two, three hours, tops.
Talk about going nowhere fast.
Mr Worf,
open a channel to Starbase 219.
Advise Admiral Nakamura I'll be
a little later than I thought.
Aye, sir.
Tyler, how is the relay diagnostic?
Almost done, sir.
Excuse me,
I need the plasma inverter.
Ensign Tyler still has a crush
on you. You did not speak to her.
Data, I haven't had the time.
Listen, take this brace coil
and run a metallurgical scan.
See if there are any microfractures.
Something wrong?
I am reminded of a recent dream.
This brace is reminiscent of...
Are you going to answer that,
What are you waiting for? Answer it.
Kill them. You must
kill them all, before it's too late.
What's wrong?
I do not know.
Everything seems
to remind me of the nightmare.
Objects, sounds, smells...
Now I have seen elements of the dream
in a waking state.
I cannot explain it.
Data, if you were a human patient,
I might be concerned right now.
I'd say you'd had a waking
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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