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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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no operative
aboard a mercenary ship.
We are to deliver the pieces
to the T'Karath Sanctuary on Vulcan.
I know that place. It was an
underground stronghold
for a faction in the last civil war.
It's been abandoned for centuries.
Galen to bridge.
Alter course for Vulcan.
Could you help me with something?
I have translated most
of the writings on these two pieces.
Mostly, they're warnings
of death and destruction
to anyone who opposes the resonator,
but I am not able to determine
what appears on the anterior side.
For example,
this symbol represents the god
of war, and this, the god of death,
but if you look really carefully,
you can see
a third symbol is missing.
Now, that obviously
should belong to the final piece.
What's odd is that
the god of death and war
would typically
always stand alone on an artefact,
not be combined with a third glyph.
Fascinating. But I am not
an archaeological expert.
I'm anxious to see
the final artefact.
It might provide a valuable insight
into Vulcan mythology.
When we arrive at Vulcan, I will take
the pieces to a secure holding area
before going on to the sanctuary.
I prefer to go alone.
It will arouse less suspicion
on the part of the isolationists.
There should be no problem
entering orbit.
I asked Cmdr Riker to contact
the Vulcan authorities
and let them know
that we were approaching.
Why did you do that?
I didn't want
to risk a misunderstanding.
Someone might have mistaken this
for an actual raid.
It was a wise precaution.
Perhaps I should
contact the Enterprise,
have them meet us at Vulcan in case
these isolationists try to escape.
Your offer is appreciated.
But our security forces are adequate.
I see. Do you think it's
wise for you to go there alone?
After all, they were expecting Baran.
If I were to accompany you,
it might seem more plausible.
Captain, I do understand
your human emotional need
to be there at the final moment.
But this is a Vulcan matter.
Of course.
Thank you.
We have entered the orbit of Vulcan.
I've decided on a change of plan.
Leave one of the artefacts here.
When we're paid in full,
we'll complete the delivery.
- That was not the agreement.
- I realise that.
But it's safer for us all
to leave one behind.
They will not pay us
until they get both pieces.
They've been waiting too long
to take any risks.
Take one artefact and beam down.
That is all I was waiting for.
Go to the navigational computer
and check file 137/Omega.
There's a message secretly
transmitted to the Enterprise
containing our flight plan.
She's right.
The message was sent by Galen.
He's a Starfleet officer.
Tallera is right.
But what she's not telling you is
that those artefacts she's holding
are part of
an incredibly powerful weapon.
There's no reward
waiting for you on the surface.
As soon as
she's got those artefacts,
she'll leave you behind
to be captured.
I don't care what you want, Tallera.
I don't care if that's a weapon
for your personal use
or if you're really just making
a delivery. I want my money.
So I propose a compromise.
Narik and I will go with you
to guarantee that we're paid.
After that,
you can go anywhere you want.
Agreed. Bring him as well.
He'll be our hostage if Starfleet
arrives. If not, we'll kill him.
There. Your reward, as promised.
Is it all there?
No, it's less than half what we were
promised. Where's the rest of it?
That is all I could manage.
Take it and leave.
I did not come this far
to be cheated. I want it all now!
Very well.
You will get what you deserve.
Go ahead, Captain.
Pick up the phaser.
See what good it will do.
You won't get away with this.
Starfleet won't let you tear apart
a founding world of the Federation.
How little you understand
what you're facing.
You're used to enemies like yourself.
People on ships with defence shields,
energy weapons, warp drives.
But this is unlike anything
you've ever
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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