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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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I have an additional task,
one that will prove your loyalty.
This raid is an opportunity
to get rid of Galen.
Once you've found that artefact,
kill him.
I'm sure the inspection
won't last much longer.
I'm really glad we've had
this opportunity to get to know you.
May I ask what business you're in?
Lt Worf
has programmed our replicators
to make a very good approximation
of Klingon bloodwine.
I believe
you will find it to your liking.
That's my third scan
and I haven't found anything.
He must be hiding something.
We should analyse
his computer memory.
I can't defend that
as part of a safety inspection.
We could claim that the computer
was generating abnormal radiation.
We're on shaky ground as it is.
We can't just...
- Don't!
- Watch that door!
- What is going on?
- Shut your mouth, Klingon!
- Surprised to see me?
- You could say that.
I've had a change of profession.
It's not in here. You!
- Where's the artefact?
- What are you talking about?
They wouldn't be searching
the shuttle if they had it.
Koral must have it.
Where is that Klingon pilot?
In the observation lounge,
with Data and Troi.
- How far?
- 12 decks away.
Security will not allow you
to get that far.
They won't get the chance. The
shuttle transporter will beam us in.
Sorry about this.
Let's go!
If you could tell us something
about the nature of your mission...
- What is this?
- Quiet!
Does he have it?
- This is it!
- Are you sure, Galen?
Yes, I recognise the inscription
pattern from the first artefact.
Cmdr Riker, by taking this action,
you risk charges of assault,
theft, piracy and treason.
Really? Then I guess
one more charge wouldn't hurt.
Is he dead?
- Yes.
- Good.
Activate the transporter.
Security alert. Medical team
to the observation lounge.
Bridge, raise shields. Begin sensor
sweeps for the mercenary ship.
He's alright. He's only stunned.
I must admit, I am experiencing
a similar sensation.
This is gonna take
a little time to explain.
Set course, 310, mark 215.
Warp six.
Where is it?
I have something else for you.
- Tell him what happened, Narik.
- Riker turned on us.
He tried to kill Galen
before we beamed back.
He might have killed all of us. He
was acting under your orders, Baran.
You betrayed us.
This has gone far enough.
I think it is time
that we had a new commander,
who'll lead us
to those profits we've been promised.
Really? And who would that be,
Galen? You?
He's plotted this all along,
opposed me at every turn...
...endangered all of us
by refusing to follow his orders.
Follow your orders?
The orders of a small man trying
to fill a role too big for him.
I say it's time for a change!
Who's with me?
It's over.
Not quite. As long as I have this,
I'm still Captain of this ship.
You can't kill all of us.
You need us to run the ship
more than we need you to command it.
I don't have to kill you all.
Just you, Galen.
- What happened?
- I switched the transponder codes.
Given his feelings about me,
it seemed a sensible thing to do.
Baran was nothing.
We have a mission to complete
and the crew needs a leader.
There will be no more punishment
on board this ship. Do your duties,
and I'll see to it that we complete
our mission and get our payment.
- Remove that.
- Orders?
Maintain our present course
and speed for now.
I'll find out when and where
we're supposed to deliver our cargo.
Aye, Captain.
Worf to Cmdr Riker.
Minister Satok of Vulcan Security
is standing by
on a secure channel.
Put it through in here.
Greetings, Commander.
How may I be of service?
The mercenary ship
that has been raiding planets
in the Taugan system
is headed for Vulcan right now.
I do not understand.
I'm sorry.
It's been a difficult few days.
One of your operatives
is on a mercenary ship
investigating the reassembly
of a psionic resonator.
I didn't want anyone firing at them.
I believe there is a problem.
We have
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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