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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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There was even a time when we used
our telepathic abilities as a weapon,
a time when we learned
to kill with a thought.
- The Stone of Gol!
- You know of it?
I know the story
from Vulcan mythology.
The Stone of Gol is real, but
there is nothing magical about it.
It is a psionic resonator,
a device which focuses and amplifies
telepathic energy.
It is one of the most
devastating weapons ever conceived.
But according to the legend,
the stone was destroyed by the gods.
The resonator was thought destroyed
during the Time of the Awakening.
Only one piece survived.
It was placed in a museum
under heavy guard.
A year ago, that piece
was stolen from the museum.
Soon after, mercenary ships
began raiding archaeological sites
across the quadrant. A member
of the isolationist movement
is attempting
to reassemble the resonator.
A telepathic weapon!
My orders are to find that assassin
and stop him.
It would seem that Baran
has to deliver these artefacts to
the assassin in order to get paid.
Therefore, you and I
should continue our masquerade.
But, Captain, I cannot allow
the resonator to be assembled.
If necessary,
I will destroy this ship, its crew,
all of us,
to prevent that from happening.
Acting Captain's log,
stardate 47160. 1.
We are entering the Hyralan sector,
which I believe
to be the next destination
of the mercenary ship.
I am picking up a small vessel
bearing 127, mark 335.
- Is it the mercenary ship?
- No, sir. It's a Klingon ship.
A Toron-class shuttlecraft.
One person.
Open a channel.
This is Lt Cmdr Data
of the Enterprise.
I take it that is your name?
May I enquire
as to your destination?
May I ask
the purpose of your journey?
Perhaps I have not made
our intentions clear...
He seems most uncooperative.
He may have been curt but he was
also worried and a little scared.
Sir, may I recommend
that we bring the shuttlecraft aboard
with our tractor beam,
search it and interrogate Koral?
According to the
Klingon-Federation treaty,
Koral has every right
to free transit.
We cannot search his vessel
without cause.
Yes, sir. However,
the treaty does give us the right
to conduct health and safety
inspections on any ship.
Health and safety inspections?!
I am not certain that using
this clause to conduct a search
would be consistent
with the spirit of the treaty.
Yes, sir.
However, if Koral
wishes to contest our actions,
he can file a protest
with the Advocate General's office.
Bring the shuttle aboard. Then
you and Dr Crusher begin inspection.
Aye, sir.
Hello. I'm Dr Crusher
and this is Lt Worf.
We're here to conduct a health
and safety inspection of your ship.
Health and safety inspection?!
That's right.
You know, radiation leaks,
biochemical contamination,
other health hazards.
Excuse me.
No radiation so far.
I'm sure you're glad to hear that!
There's an incoming message
from the Klingon shuttle.
It was sent 15 minutes ago.
He's at the rendezvous coordinates.
He's been detained by the Enterprise.
He's stopped transmitting.
The Enterprise!
How did they find out
about the rendezvous, Commander?
Quiet! All that matters is that the
Enterprise has the second artefact.
We have no choice.
We'll have to board the Enterprise.
Do you have any idea
how many security officers there are
on board a ship like that?
No, I don't. But he does.
I could get us on the Enterprise.
I can find the artefact.
Very convenient. We beam you
back aboard your old ship
and then you change your mind
and betray us.
I have saved your life
twice already, Galen!
I thought you'd begin
to show some gratitude by now!
Galen, if you're so worried
about Riker,
you can go on the raid and watch him.
Draw weapons and equipment
for a raiding party of five.
If you're thinking of betraying us
to your friends on the Enterprise,
you might remember that
I still have the ability to kill you.
I haven't
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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