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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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If we can avoid a battle, we should.
Alright, we'll try it.
We'll be at Calder II in five hours.
You know your duties.
I want the ship prepared for battle,
in case your plan doesn't work.
Computer, reset diagnostic
for a new sample.
Lot number 478-B.
Access spectral analysis
and begin scan, mode three.
Scan complete.
Particle-decay profile
does not fall within specified range.
Probability of match,
0.04 percent.
Computer, reset diagnostic
for new sample,
lot number 369-B.
Access spectral analysis,
mode two, begin scan.
Baran wants the analysis of the last
lot. He thinks you're too slow.
Tell him, if he wants the analysis
done faster, he can do it.
If he wants it done correctly,
he can wait.
Do you enjoy living dangerously?
Baran can kill you instantly
with his control device.
I doubt he'll do that.
I've increased the accuracy of
identification by a factor of 10.
I'm the best person to analyse
these artefacts, and he knows it.
He may need you now,
but I know Baran.
And I can tell you,
he won't back down forever.
You accomplish nothing
by provoking him.
I don't like operating in the dark.
If I knew the point of this mission,
why I was analysing these relics...
If Baran felt the crew
needed to be told, he would have.
- Do you know what all this is about?
- What Baran knows, I know.
Then what's going on here?
Why are we risking our lives
for these artefacts? Who wants them?
I see no reason to tell you anything.
But you can rest assured,
I don't necessarily share
everything I know with Baran either.
This conversation, for example,
will stay between us.
You can tell Baran
every word I've said.
He knows I don't think
much of him as a leader.
He's been in charge for a long time.
Baran wouldn't last five minutes
without his control device.
The crew follow him
because they have no choice.
Baran's power is based
on fear and intimidation.
That sounds like
a prelude to mutiny.
If someone challenged him,
the crew would follow.
I was right.
You do like living dangerously.
I like you, Galen.
I can tolerate a lot
from someone like you,
but only to a point.
I intend to complete this mission
and get what's been promised me.
If it looks like you're getting in
the way, I'll deal with you myself.
Commander, no one is allowed on the
surface without prior authorisation.
I'm aware of that, Lieutenant. But
your outpost is in danger of attack.
I want to station security personnel
on the surface for your protection.
Now, I'm ordering you
to drop your shields.
I'm sorry, sir, the regulations
are very specific. I can't do it.
You can stay in orbit until
we contact the Science Council.
But we're experiencing
communication difficulties...
This isn't working.
They're delaying on purpose.
Someone has warned them.
Charge main disruptor array.
Destroy the outpost.
There's no time for that!
Starfleet are on the way.
- What are you doing?
- I'll fire a phase-resonant pulse.
If I hit their shield generator
with the right frequency,
I can take it out with one shot.
Shields are down.
The artefacts
are in several small structures,
- Arranged in staggered formations.
- I'm scanning.
- I think I've found them.
- Start bringing them up.
There should be at least
two more down there.
- I've lost transporter lock.
- Their shields are back up.
I need those artefacts.
Lock all disruptors on target.
This time,
I want that outpost destroyed.
Direct hit on their aft deflectors,
but no damage.
scan for Starfleet combat signals.
Is Cmdr Riker on board?
I can't tell. Sensors unable
to penetrate their hull.
Open a channel. This is
the Federation Starship Enterprise.
We order you to stand down.
- Prepare to be boarded.
- You sent them a message.
- You told them where we are.
- That's ridiculous. How?
This is set to kill.
Order your ship to disengage.
Activate visual.
Commander, are you alright?
Tell him.
Mr Data, withdraw the
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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