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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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sites in this
sector with ruins of Romulan origin.
These were attacked
by the mercenaries.
They did a thorough job.
The only sites not attacked
were Calder II,
Yadalla Prime and Draken IV.
Yadalla and Draken
are at the end of the sector.
Calder II is less than
a day away at maximum warp.
That would be
their next likely target.
There's a Federation outpost there.
A small science station
with limited defence capabilities.
I doubt it could withstand
an attack from the mercenaries.
Mr Worf, contact
the Federation outpost on Calder II.
Advise them that if a ship similar
to the mercenary vessel approaches,
they should delay it
until our arrival.
Ensign, take us out of orbit.
Set a course for the Calder system.
- Warp nine.
- Aye, sir.
We don't have much time.
It's good to see you.
I didn't expect to meet you here.
I was looking
for the people who killed you.
A witness saw you vaporised.
The mercenaries use weapons
that activate their transporter.
It gives them the opportunity
to beam things away quickly
by firing at them.
That's what they did to me.
I don't understand. Who are they?
Why are you involved with them?
The site I wanted to study
had been raided.
A lot of the artefacts stolen.
The site was practically destroyed.
I wanted to know who was responsible.
I tracked them to that bar
on Dessica II.
I must have asked too many questions.
They captured me to find out
how much I knew about them.
Then you joined their crew?
I convinced them I was a smuggler
and that my name was Galen.
I offered to appraise
the artefacts they had stolen.
Will, these are not common thieves.
They are stealing Romulan artefacts
from sites throughout this sector.
Baran has me analysing each one
for a particular particle signature.
They are looking
for a specific artefact.
- Why?
- That's what we have to find out.
Baran is the key. He knows
the most about what we're after.
Get close to him. Get his confidence.
You set up the engine failure
because you knew I could fix it.
And he believes you're a less
than perfect Starfleet officer.
Play into that role.
Baran and I...
Well, he doesn't care much for me,
but he has to tolerate me,
because he needs my help
with these artefacts.
But if you and I become enemies,
then there's a better chance
of you and he becoming friends.
Alright. I'll do what I can.
What are you doing here?
Getting some answers,
because you can't get him to talk.
No one conducts an interrogation
on this ship without my permission.
Is that understood?
Our next objective should prove
an interesting challenge.
We're headed for the Sakethan
burial mounds on Calder II.
What? Calder II isn't just
another archaeological site.
- It's a Federation outpost.
- That's not a problem.
It's defended by Starfleet.
They're not just going to stand by
and let us take what we want.
I'm familiar
with the tactical situation.
- What are their defences?
- Nothing to worry about.
A type-four deflector shield
around the outpost and ruins.
They also have a minimum
of two phaser banks
and possibly photon torpedoes.
Is that enough to worry about?
How do you know so much
about this outpost?
I tried to smuggle a Sakethan
glyph stone out of there
nearly two years ago.
I barely got away in one piece.
Our weapons are more than a match
for their defences.
We should be able to destroy
the outpost within 15 minutes.
Then we'll send a landing party
to secure the relics.
Why don't we use Riker?
He's a Starfleet commander.
He could talk us past Security
without raising suspicions.
With their shields down, we can beam
the artefacts up from here.
Why would Riker help?
Being out of favour with Starfleet
doesn't mean he'll betray them.
If he doesn't help, we'll destroy
the outpost and kill people.
He's still a Starfleet officer.
He won't want to take innocent lives
if he can prevent it.
The last time we engaged Starfleet,
we lost a man. No more casualties.
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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