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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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the way up
to 100 if you do it slowly enough,
so my nervous system can adjust.
That is theoretically true.
But even at this level,
you are already experiencing
dangerous neural feedback.
There are over 300 people
on board the Hera.
You and I
are the only chance they've got.
I will increase the gain
incrementally as you descend.
It's working.
When we disconnect the interface, we
need time to lower the input levels
or your nervous system
will go into shock.
Once I start the warp cascade,
we can start dropping the gain.
We'll be within sensor range
of the Hera in a few minutes.
Mom, I'm really sorry I didn't get by
to see you a few weeks ago.
- You were too busy with work.
- Yeah, well, I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
Captain, the Raman
is descending toward the planet.
We are at 90 percent of tolerance.
I calculate you will reach 100
percent before you reach the Hera.
Then we go beyond tolerance.
That is not advisable.
You must cease your descent.
No, Geordi, don't, please.
Data, I'm taking this ship down.
If you don't boost the gain
past tolerance levels,
I'll lose the interface
and go into shock.
Geordi, you are putting me
in a difficult position.
Please, cease your descent.
I won't do it, Data.
Increase the tolerance.
Disengaging safety systems.
Going to full tolerance levels now.
Thank you, Data.
- We're getting close.
- Thank God!
- Cmdr La Forge!
- Yes, Captain?
Stop your descent.
Disengage the interface.
Sorry, Captain, I can't do that.
Damn it, Geordi,
you'll kill yourself!
If I come back now, my mother
and her entire crew will die.
I'm scanning for your ship.
I'm not getting anything.
We're still too far away.
No, not really. I should be
picking something up by now.
I'm not finding anything.
There's no warp funnel, no ship.
There's nothing there!
- Doctor, report?
- His synapses are overloading.
- He can't survive!
- Geordi, what's happening?
Reverse tractor beam.
Reversing tractor beam.
What are you?
You're killing us. We must go down!
What's happening? Report.
You're trapped?
Is there any way to disconnect him?
If we take him off too abruptly,
he'll go into neural shock.
Caught on the ship?
Reduce the input gradually,
but get him out.
You killed the Raman's crew?
- We can deceive his receptors.
- Deceive them?
Feed them sensory data from his
earlier experiences with the probe.
Disconnect the interface
but maintain the input levels.
Then lower them in a controlled way.
- What do you want?
- Like a decompression tank? Try it.
It was an accident? Captain,
I have to take the ship lower.
As I understand, when the Raman
neared the planet,
it accidentally picked up
some life forms
that live in the atmosphere.
Subspace beings, intelligent.
When the ship went higher,
the beings were trapped.
How do you know all this?
One of them can communicate. It must
have read my thoughts via the probe
and took the form of my mother to
persuade me to take the ship lower.
Are they responsible
for the death of the Raman's crew?
Yes, but not on purpose.
They probably tried communicating
with them the way they are with me,
by accessing their thoughts.
It must have been fatal to the crew.
I guess the interface
is what protected me.
I have to take them back, Captain.
They can't survive
so far up in the atmosphere.
I'll turn the ship and come back
just as soon as I'm...
What's happening?
The atmosphere is getting turbulent.
It's overloading the systems.
It's difficult
keeping the shields up.
We're safe now.
I'm losing power.
- Shield failure in eight seconds.
- Can we switch the input?
Shields are failing.
Switching inputs.
- Is it working?
- His vital signs are stabilising.
He's going to make it.
Captain's log, supplemental.
We have disengaged Mr La Forge
from the interface
and are en route to Starbase 495.
You disobeyed my direct order.
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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