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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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suggest shutting them down.
- The next time I'm there I'll do it.
Isn't there more we can do here?
Seal the rupture?
I will investigate the options.
Data, disengage the tachyon pulse.
- Sir?
- Do it!
The convergence of the tachyon
pulses is causing the anomaly.
Aye, sir.
Any change in the anomaly?
- No, sir.
- Disengage the tachyon pulse.
But we haven't finished the scan.
I know that. But you must
disengage the pulse immediately.
Aye, sir. Disengaging.
Why isn't the anomaly being affected?
Why would it be, sir?
I've shut off
the other tachyon pulses
- But it hasn't changed the anomaly.
- It remains unaffected here as well.
What do we do?
We have to repair
the rupture at the focal point
where time and anti-time converge.
How do we do that?
If we take the ship into the anomaly,
we could use the engines
to create a static warp shell.
Yeah, that's right.
The shell would act as a barrier
separating time and anti-time.
Collapsing the anomaly.
But it would have to be done
in the other two time periods.
But the anomaly is so
much larger in the other time periods
- It may be dangerous to go in.
- In where, sir?
Into the anomaly, Chief.
Lay in a course for the centre.
Transfer all power to the shields.
Sir, can you give us
some explanation?
No, I cannot.
Captain, so far we've obeyed every
order, no matter how far-fetched.
But if we're to risk the ship
and crew, we need an explanation.
I understand your concerns,
And if I were in your position,
I'd be doing the same thing,
Iooking for answers.
But you won't find any,
because I don't have any to give you.
I know it is difficult
for you to understand,
but we have to take the ship into
the very centre of the phenomenon
and create a static warp shell.
Now, this will put the ship at risk.
Quite frankly, we may not survive.
But you must believe I am doing this
for a greater purpose.
And that what is at stake is more
than any of you can possibly imagine.
I know you have your doubts
about me, about each other,
about this ship.
All I can say is, although we have
only been together for a short time,
I know that you are
the finest crew in the fleet,
and I would trust each of you
with my life.
So, I am asking you
for a leap of faith...
...and to trust me.
Shields up, maximum strength.
Boosting field integrity.
We may encounter
shearing forces in the anomaly.
Preparing to initiate
a static warp shell.
Course laid in, sir.
All decks ready, sir.
Take us in, Chief.
Captain, I have an idea.
If we take the ship
to the centre of the anomaly...
...and create a static warp shell,
it could collapse the anomaly.
Yes, sir.
Mr Data, you are a clever man,
in any time period.
Helm, lay in a course and prepare
to initiate a static warp shell.
Aye, sir.
The other two Enterprises
are on their way.
Very well. Ensign, take us in.
- We're entering the anomaly, sir.
- All hands, brace for impact.
Temporal energy interference.
Switching to...
...auxiliary power. It's hard
to keep the impulse engines on line.
Power fluctuations across the board.
Maintain course and speed.
- How long until we reach the centre?
- At least 30 seconds, sir.
We've entered the anomaly.
- We've reached the centre, sir.
- Initiate warp shell.
Initiating static warp shell now.
Is it working?
Something is happening.
A new subspace barrier is forming.
Sensors are picking up
two other ships.
Captain, it appears to be working.
The anomaly is beginning to collapse.
- Our warp containment is rupturing.
- We must eject the core.
No, we must maintain the shell
as long as possible.
We're losing containment, Captain!
I can't stop it. It's going to...
Route emergency power to the
antimatter containment system.
There's a lot of interference.
The warp shell is having an effect.
The anomaly is collapsing.
I can't hold it.
The containment system is going.
Maintain your position, Mr La...!
The other ships have been
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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