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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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Data, do we have a tomographic
imaging scanner?
Yes, sir.
Can you use it to scan
the anomaly's interior?
There is a lot of interference,
but I am getting some readings.
- This is very unusual.
- What is it?
Our tachyon pulse is converging
with two other tachyon pulses
in the centre of the anomaly.
The two other pulses have the exact
same amplitude modulation as our own.
It is as if all three
originated from the Enterprise.
Three pulses
from three time periods...
...converging at one point in space.
Captain, what are you suggesting?
Computer, where is Admiral Riker?
Admiral Riker is in ten-forward.
The ship has held up pretty well
over the years.
They tried to decommission her
five years ago.
One of the advantages of being an
Admiral is you choose your own ship.
Will, how long is this thing between
you and Worf going to go on?
It's been going on for over 20 years.
It doesn't look like it'll end soon.
The last thing
Troi would have wanted
is for the two of you
to be alienated.
I agree. I think it's time
to put it behind you.
I tried at Deanna's funeral.
He wouldn't even talk with me.
It might have been tough for him.
He took her death pretty hard.
Yeah? Well, he wasn't the only one.
I know, but I think in his mind,
you were the reason
he and Deanna never got together.
I never did anything
to stand in his way.
Didn't you, Will?
Did I?
I didn't want to admit
that it was over.
I always thought we'd get together
again. And then she was gone.
You think you have all the time
in the world, until...
Ensign, how do I get to ten-forward.
It's four decks down, sir.
Section 005.
Thank you.
My God!
Will! I know why it's happening,
what's causing the anomaly.
We have to go back.
The only place
we're going back to is bed.
Damn it, Will!
I know why it's happening.
We caused the anomaly
with the tachyon pulse!
It happened in three times. We did it
in three different time periods.
You better come with me.
Will you leave me alone?
Damn it, I'm not stupid!
The tachyon pulses were used in the
same spot in three different times.
Don't you see?
When the tachyon pulse... I mean...
I mean, when the Pasteur
used the tachyon pulse, then... We...
I mean, everything started, Will.
We set everything in motion.
It's like the chicken and the egg.
We think it started in the past,
but it didn't.
It started right here, in the future!
That's why
it's getting larger in the past.
I think I know what the Captain
is talking about.
If I am not mistaken,
he is describing a paradox.
- Yes, right. That's it.
- Intriguing.
It is possible we could have caused
the very anomaly
we have been looking for.
Let us assume that the Captain
has been travelling through time.
Let us also assume
he initiated a tachyon pulse
at the same coordinates
in all three time periods.
In that case, it is possible that the
convergence of three tachyon pulses
could have ruptured
the subspace barrier
- And created an anti-time reaction.
- I see where you're going, Data.
And because anti-time operates
opposite the way normal time does,
the effects would travel backwards
through space-time.
That's why it's larger in the past.
It grows as it travels back in time.
Alright. Say you're right.
What do we do?
Go back, Will, to the Devron system.
He may be right.
If we go back
to the Devron system now,
we might be able to see
the initial formation of the anomaly.
Riker to bridge. Set a course for
the Devron system. Maximum warp.
Worf, we could use a hand.
- Entering the Devron system, sir.
- Full stop.
Sensors are picking up a small
temporal anomaly off the port bow.
On screen.
- I was right!
- It's an anti-time eruption.
It was formed
within the last six hours.
We must stop it here, so it can't
travel back through time.
Mr Data, we need a solution
and we need it now.
It is being sustained by the tachyon
pulses in the other two time periods.
- I
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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