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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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this! The
Pasteur's core is going to breach!
Take us out of here. Full impulse.
Alright, let's get out of here.
No, Will, we can't!
We have to save humanity.
Engage cloak.
We took a hit to a plasma coil.
Our cloak isn't functioning.
It'll be seven hours
before we can cloak again.
Do it the old-fashioned way.
Head for Federation space, warp 13.
Don't leave! We have to find out
what's causing the temporal anomaly.
We can't stay, Captain.
We have to! Everything depends
on it! We can't leave now!
Please, listen to me!
Your visual acuity's improving
by the hour, Geordi.
I'm sorry, Alyssa.
May I take another look.
You'll have a little tenderness for
a few days. That's to be expected.
Jean-Luc. I'll be right back, Alyssa.
Alyssa lost the baby.
I think it's the same phenomenon
that affected Geordi.
Somehow, the temporal energy
from the anomaly
caused the foetal tissue to revert
to an earlier stage of development.
It's as if the unborn child
began to grow younger
- Until the DNA began to break down.
- How is she?
Physically, she's fine for now.
But if this temporal reversion
continues, none of us will be fine.
So, this is affecting
the entire crew?
Our cellular structures
appear to be coalescing,
reverting to earlier forms.
In some cases,
it has caused old injuries to heal,
but the effect is only temporary.
Eventually, it may kill all of us.
We must find out
how widespread the effect is.
Contact Starbase 23,
that's the nearest outpost.
Have them check personnel
for signs of temporal reversion.
Mr Data, how close are you
to completing the tachyon scan?
One hour, 45 minutes, sir.
When it's done,
I want to find some way
of collapsing this anomaly
without making things worse.
Give me a risk analysis
of any solution you find.
- Aye, sir.
- Dismissed.
It's a pretty big decision, Jean-Luc.
Tinkering with an anomaly you know
nothing about, trying to collapse it.
Isn't that risky?
Why? Will that cause
the destruction of mankind?
Maybe. On the other hand,
maybe leaving it alone
would be the wrong thing to do.
It's a pretty big decision, alright.
Would it help to have
a different perspective?
- Welcome home.
- Home?
Don't you recognise
your old stomping grounds?
This is Earth, France,
three and a half billion years ago,
give or take an aeon or two.
Smells awful, doesn't it,
all that sulphur and volcanic ash?
- I really must speak to the maid.
- Q, is there any point to all this?
So, the anomaly is here, too,
at Earth.
At this point in history,
the anomaly fills
your entire quadrant of the galaxy.
The further back in time,
the larger the anomaly.
Come here.
There's something I want to show you.
You see this?
This is you. I'm serious!
Right here, life is about to form
on this planet for the first time.
A group of amino acids are about to
combine to form the first protein...
...the building blocks...
...of what you call life.
Strange, isn't it?
Everything you know,
your entire civilisation,
it all begins right here
in this little pond of goo.
Appropriate, somehow, isn't it?
Too bad you didn't bring
a microscope. It's fascinating.
Look! There they go.
The amino acids are moving closer,
and closer,
and closer.
Nothing happened.
See what you've done?
Are you saying
that I caused the anomaly...
...and the anomaly somehow disrupted
the beginnings of life on Earth?
Concentrate on how this anomaly
was initially formed. Speculation.
Our tachyon pulse has been unable
to completely penetrate the anomaly.
We need information on the centre
of the anomaly in order to speculate.
Can we scan the interior?
I've tried everything.
There's too much interference.
- Nothing on board can do the job.
- What could?
In theory,
a tomographic imaging scanner
with multiphasic resolution would be
able to penetrate such interference.
The Daystrom Institute
has been working on a device,
but it is still only
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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