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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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- Engage.
Sensors are picking up a large
subspace anomaly directly ahead.
All stop. On screen.
- Full scan, Mr Data.
- Aye, sir.
We have to get as much information
as possible about that anomaly.
We are approaching the Devron system.
Sensors are picking up a large
subspace anomaly directly ahead.
All stop. On screen.
Then it is larger in the past.
- Sir?
- Nothing.
- Full scan, Mr Data.
- Aye, sir.
On screen! On screen! Let's see it!
As you can see, sir,
there is nothing there.
Still nothing, Captain.
I have conducted a full sensor sweep
out to one light year.
No temporal anomalies,
no particle fluctuations, nothing.
It was here in the other two time
periods. Why isn't it here now?
I have been monitoring Klingon
communications channels.
Several warships
have been dispatched to this sector
to search
for a renegade Federation vessel.
You're not leaving?
- There's nothing here, Jean-Luc.
- But there has to be!
Data, is there another way
to scan for disturbances?
Something not covered
in a normal sensor sweep?
There are other methods of
detecting temporal disturbances
but we're limited
by the Pasteur's equipment.
We should head back
to Federation territory.
However, it may be possible
to modify the main deflector
to emit an inverse tachyon pulse
to scan beyond the subspace barrier.
Make it so.
Wait a minute!
Data, how long would this take?
To make the modifications and search
the entire Devron system? 14 hours.
Alright, Data,
begin to modify the tachyon pulse.
Ensign, lay in a course
back to the Federation.
We'll stay here for six hours then
we're heading back, maximum warp.
But six hours may not be enough.
We have to stay here till we find it,
no matter how long it takes.
Carry out my orders.
May I see you a moment?
I cannot believe
you're not willing...
Don't ever question my orders
on the bridge of my ship again!
Damn it, I was just trying to...
There are larger concerns.
You don't understand...
You would never tolerate
that behaviour on the Enterprise,
and I won't here.
I don't care if you're my ex-captain
or my ex-husband!
You're right. I was out of line.
It won't happen again.
But you have to understand
what is at stake here!
Q said all of humanity
will be destroyed!
I know. That's why I've allowed us
to stay longer and keep looking.
But I also want you
to allow for the possibility
that none of what you're saying
is real.
Jean-Luc, I care for you too much
not to tell you the truth.
You have advanced Irumodic Syndrome.
It's possible
that all of this is in your mind.
I'll stay here six hours longer
and then we're heading home.
I want you to remember...
...if it were anyone else but you,
we wouldn't even be here.
What was that she said, sonny?
I couldn't quite hear her.
What is going on here?
Where is the anomaly?
Where's your mommy?
- Well, I don't know.
- Answer me!
There is an answer, Jean-Luc.
But I can't hand it to you.
- Although you do have help.
- What help?
You're not alone, you know.
What you were, and what you are to
become will always be with you.
My time shifting. The answer
does lie there, doesn't it?
Now, tell me one thing.
This anomaly we're looking for,
will that destroy humanity?
You're forgetting, Jean-Luc.
You destroy humanity.
By doing what? When? How can...?
Report, Mr Data.
The anomaly is 200 million kilometres
in diameter.
It is a highly focused
temporal-energy source
emitting approximately the energy
output of ten G-type stars.
What is the source of this energy?
I am uncertain, sir. Sensors
cannot penetrate the anomaly.
What if we modify the main deflector
to emit an inverse tachyon pulse?
That might scan
beyond the subspace barrier.
That might give us some idea
of what the interior looks like.
That is a most intriguing idea, sir.
I do not believe a tachyon beam
was ever used in such a way.
I had no idea you were so versed in
the intricacies of
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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