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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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face-off. The question is,
who's going to move first?
We are.
Mr Worf, hail the Romulan flagship.
The warbird Tyrex is responding.
Capt Picard.
Hello, Worf. It's been a long time.
It is good to see you again.
- Have you read our request?
- Yes.
But you must realise I am no longer
a member of the High Council.
But surely you still have influence.
We have to get into the Neutral Zone.
- Can you get us across the border?
- I must refuse.
It is for your own safety. The
Neutral Zone is extremely volatile.
If Admiral Riker had given you
a ship with a cloak, you'd be safe.
It is hard to believe that even he
would refuse to help you.
I don't care
what kind of ship we go in!
We have to get to the Devron system.
I am sorry.
My first duty is to the Empire.
I must adhere to regulations.
I know that I am an old man
and I am out of touch,
but the Worf that I remember was more
concerned with honour and loyalty
than rules and regulations.
But that was a long time ago.
Maybe you're not the Worf I knew.
You have always used your knowledge
of Klingon honour
to get what you want from me.
Because it always works, Worf!
Your problem is that you really do
have a sense of honour
and you do care
about trust and loyalty.
Don't blame me
for knowing you so well.
Very well. You may cross the border.
But only if I come with you. I am
familiar with the Neutral Zone.
Terms accepted.
Inform transporter room two
to beam the Governor aboard.
I must make one thing very clear.
If we run into serious opposition,
I'm taking us back
to Federation space.
We aren't well armed
and wouldn't last long in a fight.
Governor Worf is aboard, Captain.
Alright. Set a course
for the Devron system, warp 13.
Once more for old times' sake?
Engage to where, sir?
Set a course for the Devron system
and engage at warp nine.
The Devron system
is inside the Neutral Zone, sir.
I'm aware of that. Carry on, Chief.
Captain, may I have a word
with you in private?
Yes, of course. Contact Farpoint.
I wish to speak to Cmdr Riker.
Aye, sir.
Captain, I just wanted
to voice my concerns
about the way the crew is responding
to your unexpected orders.
They don't trust me.
They think I'm behaving erratically.
Some do. Others are confused.
It takes time for a crew
to know their captain
and for him to know them.
I understand, but I know
what this crew is capable of,
even if they don't.
It would also help
if they knew what was going on.
It's difficult operating in the dark,
but right now I have no other choice.
Yar to Capt Picard.
I have Cmdr Riker for you.
Excuse me. Put him through here.
Cmdr Riker, we will be delayed
picking you up at Farpoint.
I see. May I ask how long?
I can't say. I'll keep you updated.
Will you inform Dr Crusher
and Lt La Forge?
Understood. Riker out.
Is there anything else, Counsellor?
Actually, sir, there is.
I was debating whether to mention it
and perhaps...
It's about Cmdr Riker.
What about him?
I think you should know that he and I
have had a prior relationship.
I see. Do you think this
will interfere with your duties?
Not at all. It happened several years
ago and it's well behind both of us.
- I thought you should know.
- I appreciate your telling me.
But I'm sure you two will find
a way to handle the situation.
Thank you, sir.
Tea, Earl Grey, hot.
That beverage is not programmed
into the replication system.
So, how long shall we stare at each
other across the Neutral Zone?
There is an alternative, Tomalak.
We each know why we're here.
We could each send one ship
into the Neutral Zone
to investigate the anomaly
in the Devron system.
Has Starfleet approved
this arrangement?
- No.
- I like it already.
Agreed! One from each side. But if
another Federation ship enters...
There is no need for threats.
We each know the consequences.
Very well. I'll see you
in the Devron system.
Helm, set a course
for the Devron system, warp five.
- Aye,
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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